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Shirin Abu Akleh, Al Jazeera journalist, Mercred Dune Bale dans la tête lors d’une Israeli military operation in Jénine, in Cisjordanie accupée, doit être enterrée vendredi aprèsésérae undredi à Jérus. It provokes a living emotion to traverse the world.

The Palestinian-American Journal of Shire Abu Akleh, a mercenary to Jénine by the ball of our Israeli military operation in Cisjordan, has been held since May 13 in one of the Jerusalem countries.

The transfer of this figure from the al-Jazira Qatar to this transfer to Jerusalem, or its funeral aurons lie in a church. Shyryn Abu Akle, a 51-year-old Christian in Jerusalem-Est, will enter this day with her mother in the vicinity of Vieille Ville.

Plusieurs milliers de Palestiniens lui ont rendu hommage jeudi. Palestinian nationals, foreign diplomats and a Palestinian foul participant in the official Ramallah ceremony, as well as the Palestinian Authority in Cisjordan, and the envelope envelope envelope envelope palesti transport.

Shirin Abu Akle is a portrait in a pair of ballet vests, a press sign and a helmet reportage in Jenin, a villa located in Sirdani, Palestinian territory occupied in Israel for over 50 years, and that’s when you get the ball.

The announcement of these decades has led to a lively emotion in the Palestinian Territories and in the Arab world or its reports on this pendant plus two decades, some of Europe and the United States. Spontaneous disassembly was found in the Palestinian Territories to protest against the death and death of Ramallah and his rebaptisation.

“Medical medical law”

The Israeli army is launching a series of more successful operations in the Jénine Refugees Camp, a bastion of Palestinian army factions in northern Cisjordan, which is one of the world’s largest destinations.

The origin of the fatal ball is given to various affirmations. Al Jazeera accused Israeli forces of “de-style deliberation” and “sang the heat” with the journalist’s star. The Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, suggested that the code be “probable” to be included in a Palestinian militia.

However, more than that, the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, said that the army “does not have the right manners to do this thing”. “There are five Palestinians who can be found here (…) They can also be taken from our country, we are surveyed.” “We have been to the medical-legal prey” of the Palestinians, and we have taken care of the press, we have been able to complete a “complete” survey by Benny Gantz.

Divergence sur l’enquête

Israel has declared the Palestinian Ball to be “a scientific inquiry to reclaim the origins of the railroad”, according to the AFP, a source of Israeli security. The Hebrew State proposed an element proposed to the responsible Palestinians and Americans “of the present” lor de l’examen, selon la même source.

The Palestinian Authority presided over Mahmoud Abbas in his opinion about the idea of ​​a conquering inquiry with Israel, the accuser of the Israeli army of foreign troops. “Nous tenons les authorités israéliennes d’occupation complètement responsables de sa mort”, at-il déclaré durant la cérémonie de jeudi, vyrazna syn admavaetsya d’une enquête conjointe par le fait que “les authorités on israelie ne e israéline cere” trust ». The affiliate wants to meet the International Penalty Court.

“The inquiry is completely incompetent,” confirmed Hussein al-Sheikh, a member of the Palestinian Authority, who sought to make public the results “with great transparency.”

“Maliciously, the Palestinian Authority is in a state where all the possibilities of a single survey or the possibility of accusations can be drawn from the basic conclusions that are necessary to be able to support the situation”,

En visite to Tehran Jews, the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani accused Israel of having to join the Journal. “I failed to advertise the accounts of the perpetrators of this crime,” he said.

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