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In Guinea, the judicial courts engaged in civil society against the former President Alpha Condé and 26 other high-profile cases for blood crime, are accustomed to waiting for families who lose their lives. It also has several design and mortar designs. For the presidents of the ancient city, there is no such thing as a machination to live in the Alpha Condé party. Report by Sarah Saho and Malik Diakite.

“Le G5 Sahel est mort” is the declaration of Mohamed Bazum. Dans un entretien accordé au quotidien La Croix, le presiden du Niger a également secé les forces maliennes de ne plus remplir leur mission dans la zone dite des trois frontières. This area between the Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso is the epicenter of the insurrection of the groups of al Qaeda and the Islamic State,

Toujours au Niger, the decolorization of children preoccupied. With the demographic crisis at the top of the world, the educational system is under pressure, and at the same time as the reason for the great love of children who are very young for the little ones. Report by Harold Girard.

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