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Avant de rayindre la terre battue de la porte d’Auteuil, les futurs ramasseurs de balles paricipent à des stages de selekciju aux critères variés.

They are in the department of 450 young people, between 12 and 16 years old, to be back for the choices that are on the best sites in France. Seuls 220 Seronnt Selectionnés at Ralan Garros. This is the case of Clara Soares who was evaluated for her knowledge, physical education, sports and motivation.

Pendant la competition, the ball rams are regularly regulated to define their influence on the different matches. Clara Soares is a cop, a young girl who is an officer at Roland Garros. All of them are reconsidered during the stage and this is the last time that Clara will be a member of the quinzaine pendant.

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