It was at the end of March 1989 that a couple of young people set up in Censeau, representing the bar restaurant of the Lhote family hotel. “Aujourd’hui, a page important to us, you will be touring. Ces années ont été riches en rencontres et pleines de bonnes soirées bien sympathiques », explicit le couple, desormais retraités.

Des souvenirs plein la tête

“It simply came to our notice then. Our remarks are all that are presented by us. Participate in our clients, as companies and transport operators who offer our restaurant and access parking. The sports clubs of the Plateau de Nozeroy, as well as rugby or basketball, are almost equal to the regular clients, every day a great ambiance in our hall. Aujourd’hui, un bon nombre est là, avec nous, pour cette dernière soirée ».

If the Crise is sanitary, the activity of the restaurant will be closed, it will last for two years, the couple will be able to do it. “We have a plane in place to repatriate service. Nous ne pouvions pas laisser nos customers without solutions. You are always rich and trustworthy after the return. We also have the opportunity to promote to all amateurs a last season of grenouilles, a specialty that is one of our emblems.

The reverse overturns this

C’est à Censeau que Pascale et Nadine vont rester pour leur retraite «Nous y Avons fait notre vie. We are friends in the coin and, in short, we have restaurants for children. We have completely benefited from the pleasures of our little children, who are not at all before. “

A young couple, Françoise Ettori and Pierre Greusard, will play the establishment, the time for them to acquire a child and realize some great work. “We want to open the restaurant bar in the open,” said Pierre Groezar.

Pasteur’s Chamber

“It simply came to our notice then. It was, at the beginning of the last six months, that the great parents, Marie-Thérèse Vacelet and Emile. They do the courier service, which also takes them to the Boujailles train station, ”said Noëlle Hilaire. It has been a great holiday, the suites of its war blessings, Marie-Thérèse and the continuum of the bar restaurant. “It simply came to our notice then. He or she also has a pump of essence and a drink that is reserved, a day in the afternoon, for the Mignovillard book that sells its products. C’etait le rendez-vous des paysans après la coulée ». But the most important thing is the blue room. She opened her eyes, lors d’un de ses deplements, the celebrity Louis Pasteur. “On the appellant’s appeal to Pasteur’s room.” Puis, le restaurant a éte repris par Loulou et Dédée Chauvin, en 1962, puis par la famille Lhote, en 1978.

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