Founded in 2017 by Daniel Gerriet at Souvans, the establishment of Gerviet D sylvicoles works is rapidly evolving, passing from 2018 to 4 and 2020, for returnees to an effective 11rdhunes. In the croissant, pour out the creation of 4 CDI employees.

“The progression of our activities is due to the crisis of the school, which can be unblocked by the State to unblock the funds to replant the trees,” said Julie Gerriet, who led the company since the last 20 years.

Necessity of a good state of mind

She is confronted with the burden of recruitment, as she does not exist in the field of sylviculture and but also suffers from a certificate of recognition. “It simply came to our notice then. He is not a master in the field. The fauce is an adapter to the terrain, to recognize the essences and to have a good physical condition, the car to work in the exterior with all the time and manner of lord’s promises. Plus, the activities are seasonal, with daily activities », only the young conductor, who tends to preserve the family’s expertise in the structure and look forward to all motivated people.

A contrasting counterpart is available

The company will also build a sylviculture (s) to assist in the preparation of trees, plantations of trees, forestry and forestry enterprises and forestry workers and the implementation of fortification work. Two conductor posts (min) with a minimum of at least one CACES and 6 months of experience and a driver’s seat of the forestry tractor with 2 years of experience are also available. A contrasting contract in the back of the forehead is an element proposed.

Resume of the messenger and motivation letter by courier:

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