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The Court of Appeal of Paris has confirmed the Jewish mass in the exam for “viols” and “sexual aggression” of the actor Gérard Depardieu, the facts obtained in August 2018 do not have the accusation of comedy Charlo.

The Court of Appeal of Paris confirmed, February 10, the Mass in the exam of Gerard Depardieu for “viols” and “sexual aggression” on the Comintené Charlotte Arnold, indicated by the Prosecutor General of the Héméral de Paris, Rémyral de Paris , a communique.

“La chambre de l’instruction smatère ainsi qu’il existe, à ce stade, des indices graves o concordants qui justifient que Gérard Depardieu demeure mis en examen”, pour ces faits datant d’août 2018, a déclaré Rémy.

The monument to the French cinema, which dates back 73 years, is in demand in a request from May 2021, which is about the nullity of your miserable exam in the past.

The room of instruction has been studied by lor d’unne audit le 3 février cette demande à laquelle s’opposait le parquet général de la cour d’appel de Paris.

“The dissertation file” to the law of instruction “to fill in judicial information”, said Rémy Heitz.

“I don’t want to be able to comment,” said Charlotte Arnould of AFP, presenting the appeal at the moment of delivery, a manifestation of emotion and achievement.

“My clientele is particularly concerned and confidant in the court of justice that this is the day of the day”, and the response to the AFP is a lawyer, Carin Durier-Dibolt.

“It is important to refer to the fact that all the magistrates have a charge of dossier”, which is the reason for the instruction of the court or the court of appeals, Gérard Depardieu is well acquainted with sexual and violent aggression and is not in action, “he said.

Solicited by AFP, comedy lawyer, Mis Herve Temim, did not react.

The affair opened its debut in 2018. La Plaignante Charlotte Arnould, born in 1995 and born 22 years ago, is present at the Lambesc en-Bou1ônée Gendarmerie (Romou08). all over the world in Paris, one of the 6 most popular hotels in Parisis arrondissement of Paris.

After a number of judicial proceedings, a lawsuit from a Parisian instructor to be examined by Gérard Depardieu on December 16, 2020 for “viols” and “sexual aggression”, the libertarian is free of control.

“I am innocent and I do not want to start,” Gerard Depardieu announced in the Italian La Repubblica on February 2021, after the revival of the AFP for this reason.

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