The Karnataka government intends to strictly implement formal education in Arabic schools. The Department of Education wants to assess whether Arabic schools receiving government funding are teaching in accordance with the Education Authority’s guidelines. Arab schools that do not follow the government’s dictates may face legal action.

The ruling BJP in Karnataka has also sought a detailed report on violations by Arabic schools operating across the state, Education Minister BC Nagesh said on Friday. The education department spends nearly Rs 25 crore annually on nearly 200 Arabic schools in Karnataka.

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“The Arab schools operating in the state do not work according to the rules. There is no proper study of languages ​​and science,” said Nagesh. Several academics have expressed their concern about this. In this regard, a detailed report is requested from the authorized directorate of education, the minister noted.

The government had previously planned to set up a board for madrassa education, but this has not yet happened due to questions about whether the education department has authority over madrassas.

Nagesh adds that very few madrassas follow the rules, while many violate the guidelines of the education department. There are 106 aided and 80 unaided Arabic language schools in the state. About 27,000 children are admitted to Arab schools every year. “We will get clarity when the study is done,” he said.

Minister Nagesh said that there is a huge statistical difference in the number of people actually enrolled in Arabic schools. Also, there is an allegation that many of these schools do not give importance at all to the teaching of Kannada, English, Mathematics and Science. Students graduating from madrasas, unfortunately, cannot compete with others in their studies, he added.

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