Come to the Finn d’Anne 2022, Gotham Knights watch a new video with Nightwing and Red Hood in view.

Gotham Knights a laurde tâche d’assurer la relève de l’immense saga Batman: Arkham. For the success of the Chevalier Noir, which is not one, but there are four heroes that Warner decided to put on the front of the scene: Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. The fallait au moins ça pour se montrer à la hauteur du Batman.

After several months of dissertation at the level of communication, Warner Bros. Games Montreal is a solution for a reversal and a big coup in the minutes of the Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay. Presented by Game Director Geoff Ellenor, the gang announcement of Gotham’s death and torture, the name of the full moon moonlight. The gang des Regulators est en ville et met le souk à tous les coins de rue, mais Nightwing veille au grain et leur Tombe dessus depuis son aile volante, bientôt secondé par un Red Hood hard AU possible.

The gang announcement confirms the possibility of playing in cooperation (locale ou en ligne cela n’a pas encore été confirmedé). The Free Flow combat system that has the success of the Arkham saga will be part of the game, with individual adaptations to the capacities of the four heroes. Warner Bros. the goal is to get an extra off from Red Hood using the motto to release more quickly in the city. He expects that the sensations of the leading seront of the world that the cells of the Batmobile of Batman: Knight of Arkham.

Enfin, l’accent a été mis sur l’aspect lite-RPG du titre, avec la possibilité de choisir entre différents costumes pour les quatre personages persnages, chacun disposant de statistiques staticulières. These costumes will eventually evolve into a function of customization elements that will be useful for ameliorators. A feature that is advertised as an annual issue, and that justifies the refinement of costumes other than cosmetic products.’s four musketeers in the heart of Gotham

The gang announcement is also the Confirmation queue la Cour des Hiboux sera de la partie (from the fact that Mr Freeze and Le Pingouin confirmed the confirmation). The new news that announced the redoubt, and on the hate to power your eyes all to neutralize all subtlety.

Gotham Knights It happened on October 25, 2022 on PC, Xbox Series and PS5.

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