The series is diffuse on the French chapel after 18 years.

Judy Dernier, France 3 to announce the equipment of Plus Belle la vie que le feuilleton prendrait fin au mois de novembre 2022 avec un ultime episode. A press release from France Télévision states: “ May 5, 2022, direction France Télévisions and announcement of equipment Plus Belle la viein Marseille, this season is the day before last. Plus Belle la vie conclura ainsi son long parcours à l’antenne in November 2022 ». The rajoute: « This time, we are engaged in a great deal of attention and long history with our public and the ensemble of talents who are fashionable, open and open to the chamber ». Серия, qui prend place dans la ville de Marseille, avait été lancee le 30 août 2004 i compte plus 4 500 episodes.

Plus Belle la Vie recourt au deepfake for remplacer un cas Covid

If the TV series is impressed as the queen of feuilletons in France pendant longtemps, the audience drastically at the end of the year. Dès 2018, the series passed on the bar of 3 million viewers, for 4.6 million in 2016 – 2017 (source: Les Echos). In the 2000s, the feuilleton received 7 million viewers. Et pour out the reason. She will be able to face the competition news: in 2017, TF1 launch Demain us appartientsuivit par Ici que tout startand enfin A great sun on France 2. Ces nouveaux feuilletons se sont imposés dans le beachage audiovisuel français, faisant une grande par d’ombre à PBLV. The diffusion schedule of France 3 has been changed for 20×10, this is the time to watch the latest TV shows: which is not the arranger’s son. The abundance of the public and the arrears of streaming platforms do not help: the public service explains what « the views of the viewers and the consumption of the programs on evolved after 18 years […] In this context, a renewal of the creative offer is necessary. (Source: Ozap).

These reports report that the group, anonymously covered, also has an affirmed statement: ” With the PBLV meeting, in order to make three beautiful series, for the sake of love », The budget of the series is about 30 million euros in nominal terms.

Plus belle la vie, c’est bientôt fini!

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