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The records of the heat on these attestations or deposits of mercredi in Hexagone, with plus 33 ° C in Toulouse and Cap-Ferret, in the term of more than 37 days of consequential temperatures of elevated temperatures. The farmers are in charge of the announced security.

May 2022 to enter the annals of France: the exceptional period of warmth that transmits the countries, as European countries, to install the thermometer mercredi May 18 plus 33 ° C in the South, un. rendu plus probabilni par le climate change.

The records attesting the mercredi careent le mois de mai, qui pourtant n’est pas termine. It is located in Albi (33.7 ° C), Toulouse (33.4 ° C) or Montélimar (33.8 ° C), including Météo-France at the end of the day. Record of 2017, 2009 will be published in 2001. It will take place between 28 and 34 ° C in the French regions.

All days since April 11 and July, the temperatures in France are at the rate of normal, lasting 37 days. Quand la moyenne de mercredi sera confirmedée, cette periode de 38 jours consecutiveifs au-dessus de la normale devrait être un record de durée, le précédent datant d’il ya seulement deux ans. The “normal” is the reference period 1981-2010.

Sécheresse très probably

Méme en Bretagne, l’île de Bréhat a égalé cette semaine son record dat 31 maja 1992, pri temperaturi 27,8 ° C. Il “maintenant fort verable” que mai 2022 devienne le mois de mai le plus chaud jamais enregistré en France depuis 1945, battant mai 2011, selon Météo-France. It does not allow you to talk about “holidays”, which include the criteria of night temperature.

Phenomenal lié, la sécheresse guette le countries. Farmers are inquisitive for harvest crops. The government has published a list of security risks and 22 departments and facilities around the world, this is a direct risk of “very likely” to end the year, principally in the South East. and the West.

The limits of the utilization of water are given in 16 departments, but the official Propluvia site. “This is a very important year, the tendency to assemble for the year 2019”, explained the direction of the water and the biodiversity of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. “The temperature abnormality is atypical and the position of our water heaters is on a high charge.”

Un été uncertain

The published public map “shows that in 2022 it will be marked on the grounds (at the level of the floodplains) and on the basis of the markings on the total area of ​​the territory”, summarizes the Minister. In addition to the heat: in the valley of the Rhône, she favored this week a chemical reaction generated by the ozone dont le level this qualifier of “preoccupant” by the Marine Géténér-Atéréra.

With the deregulation of the planet, the periods of heat are the most important and more frequent and tend to be the installer plus all the prints. This is one of the most important clearings with a climate change, assisted by science – a situation like this in April and some of the millions of Indians and Pakistanis who have a temperature difference, 50 ° C , at the point of emfêcher le corps de se refroidir. The actual current is not all predictive of this one, plus the norm that is normal, Meteo-France preview.

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