During a press conference, Lancia presented its renaissance strategy. Ayant frôlé la mort, la marque italienne a été sauvée par la creation de Stellantis, la fusion de PSA et Fiat. For Carlos Tavares, patron du Groupe, every brand has the opportunity … but with a strategic plan to be profitable.

This is why Lancia’s relationship has become fashionable! Only three models will compose the new range, to cover the motto of the European market. And these are the six chains launched at a very fast pace, between 2024 and 2028! Unsurprisingly, the priority is a new generation of Ypsilon.

The citadine is a tour available in Italy, which is a real treasure trove of good fortune, thank you very much for the prices. La prochaine mouture sera donc lancee dans trois ans. Long living room 4 meters, it is proposed with an electrified unit.

In 2026, Lancia will launch the big new models. Qualification of “amalis vaisseau”, measuring 4.60 meters long and electric. This model will be a derivative of the electric SUV of the DS, based on a dedicated base of this type of motorization (the French model was built in 2024).

Enfin, the three-dimensional Lancia is a new Delta compactor. The fauce donc l’attendre jusqu’à 2028! The constructor by the name of a “sculptural and muscular car, with geometric lines, which seduces the passions of the automobile in all of Europe”. This Delta is also electric. Dec 2028, Lancia does not sell more electric cars.

For these new models, Lancia offers the selection of materials. This is the brand of Stellantis that integrates the percentage of elevated recycled materials, “with 50% of tactile surfaces manufactured in the form of eco-durable materials”. We are also dealing with exclusive materials, as it is in its habitat.

By the way, the modest retreat to the level of distribution. In the mountains of Italy, Lancia has about 100 new distributors, in 60 large European cities. France has the highest priority countries, with Spain, Belgium, the Pays-Bas and the Allemagne. For customers who are not in a concession, Lancia will be able to sell online. You should be able to represent the motive of sales.

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