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In 2022, the BMW X1 va Faire Peau Neuve. Out of the Versions Hybrides Rechargeable and thermal, the SUV is compact in the helicopter and is offered in an electric declination, all good credit to the BMW iX1. Advantage of the fact that the model of zero emission is in the train of peaufiné by the engineers of the German designer. BMW publishes images mounted on the XI – a camouflage encore – under the ultimate winter essays, in the center of Arjeplog, in the north of Sweden, all near the Arctic Circle.

BMW has taken the test of “resistance and endurance” tests in its electric SUV, in the extreme climatic conditions of Lapland. “La Batterie Haute Tension, Les Moteurs électriques, La Transmission Integral, Les componentí electronics and les Technology de Charge sont mis à Rude épreuve”, BMW, which is profitable to announce that the X1 is equipped with technology. Use this intelligent heating device. But? “Permettre des temp de charge plus courts et une plus grande autonomie, même par des tempéperatures négativs extremêmes”.

Jusqu’à 483 kilometers of autonomy in a joint cycle

Being a BMW iX1 with camouflage in the Grand NordCredit photo – BMW

As envisaged, the BMW iX1 will be flooded with two electric motors.

Each floor is attributed to an essay. After all, it is not officially official, but it has developed a total of 500 ch (370 kW).

The battery life for autonomous autonomy is 413 and 483 kilometers, respectively, the WLTP homologation cycle.

The consumption should be between 17.3 and 18.4 kW / 100 km.

A SUV that drives?

Being a BMW iX1 with camouflage in the Grand Nord

Being a BMW iX1 with camouflage in the Grand NordCredit photo – BMW

And as a BMW to have a reputation, this iX1 electric has to offer some driving pleasure.

“The program of this intensifies the bases of one of the leading and most important sports cars that the motorists visit of the BMW”, the trade mark. In particular, it signifies that BMW will work on the transmission and the new building of the new vehicle on smooth surfaces, all in “affinity for engine compartment and suspension systems”.

The BMW iX1 will be launched at the same time as the new BMW X1, at 2022.

In short

I will come! In addition to the official presentation, the three-seater electric SUV from BMW will be mounted on the images realized by the most beautiful everlasting essays in Lapland. Appealing BMW iX1, this model is not an electric X1. It should confuse two electric motors and batteries without autonomy between 413 and 483 kilometers. The consumption will be between 17.3 and 18.4 kW / 100 km. The new BMW iX1 will be launched in 2022.

Quentin Geru

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