The LauchMyCareer (LMC) Career Counseling Platform plans to introduce new counseling packages for college students working professionals called the Personify package; and candidates for study abroad. “The company further plans to add three million active users to the platform through several channels by the end of 2022,” said Ankur Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of LaunchMyCareer, to FE Education Online.

The company has created two revenue streams under the Business Business (B2B) and B2C models. As part of B2B, he earns income from sponsoring live counseling or master classes for his students, from schools. As for B2C, it earns by subscribing to students or parents who can directly visit the LMC platform, register online. After selecting a free face test, users can choose to pay for a live consultation. Currently, the LMC claims to offer two packages – a Pathway for students from sixth grade to 10th at a cost of Rs 10,000 and a Pursuit that runs on an annual model and allows 11th and 12th grade students to sign up for Rs 18,500.

The company, meanwhile, declined to comment when asked about the number of students they advised during the year and the income earned during the first year. The regulations, which were reviewed by Tofler’s business intelligence platform, show that the company recorded zero operating income in the first year and recorded a net loss of 1.39 lakhs in 21 pounds.

The start-up ed-tech is collaborating with more than 2,000 schools of the National Alliance of Independent Schools (NISA), a platform for public-funded private schools to introduce school program counseling and 6,000 Common Center Service (CSC) academies with access to 2.6 million students, initiated by the Ministry of Information technologies to disseminate digital skills in the country’s rural sectors. “We will launch the LMC platform in all NISA schools in the next five years,” Agarwal added.

The startup ed-tech started in India in May 2021 and is helping students unleash their interests and potential in terms of career choices through virtual reality. The company also helps students create the necessary skill set through its training center, which includes courses in a variety of subjects such as soft skills, STEM and language learning.

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