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L’Armée malienne anonné dimanche le retrait du lands du G5 Sahel, alliance militaire luttant contre les groupes jihadistes. To justify the decision, the day of the day in the organization of the summit of Mali, the extra-regional states and an instrumental force “on the outside” of the Sahel, in the journal.

In Guinea, the militaries were able to intervene in all political countries. A highly lively decision by the principal political formations and the civil society. Being the organizers of the defense of human rights, this decision is breaking with international conventions that guarantee the right of manifestation. The explanations of Malick Diakité are not related to Conakry.

The international community welcomes the election of Hassan Cheikh Mohammoud to the head of Samalia, the appellant to address the main problems of the pauvre and the establishment of the Corne de l’Afrique, paralysis plus depuis an by a profound political crisis.

Enfin, retour sur la polemic suscitée par l’abssence d’Idrissa Gueye ce samedi lors du match du Paris Saint Germain en ligue 1, un match qui coincided with la journée internationale de lutte contre l’homophobie. The auraite player is not known as the LGBT community in Paris. Plus details in this correspondence from Dakar by Eliman Ndao.

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