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After an internal survey, the US Department of Defense announced that those responsible for a striking airstrip would make the sacrifices to civilians in March 2019 in Baghouz, Syria, in an emergency, in an emergency in New York. Times. In consequence, the person is not sanctioned.

The Pentagon announced on May 17 that the people responsible for a civil war in 2019 in Syria will not be able to do anything wrong, but there is no “deliberation” of fatal civil activities, unfair.

The Pentagon’s internal survey on the bombing of March 18, 2019 in Baghouz, Syria, launched this launch in November after the publication of an article in the New York Times that asked about the American army of simulation dissimulation. d’avoir victims of non-combatants. He affirmed that 70 people, not of women and children, had these dreams in this operation in Baghouz, the last bastion of the Islamic State (EI) group, and a military lawyer who has qualified as a qualifier. “.

In addition to the survey conducted by Terre General of the Army Michael Garrett, he concluded that the Commander of the American Forces on the Territory had received a report on a request from the South American Air Force (FDSyrienques), a coalition of combatants anti-EI soutenus par les Occidentaux dans le nord-est syrien.

56 mortals not 52 fighters

Commander “to confirm that he did not allow civilians in the railroad zone” and to authorize the frappe, indicating General Garrett in his public sessions with the American Minister of Defense. The Pentagon’s mouthpiece, John Kirby, said he was 56 years old, not a single 52-year-old fighter, and 51 teenagers. Quatre civili – une femme et trois enfants – ont été tués. By the hands, two combatants on this blessing, there are 15 civilians (11 women and four children), at the precision.

John Kirby is a person who cannot sanction the victims of Baghdad. The question was established that the person should not “act in violation of the laws of war”, but that, on the contrary, he concluded that he should not have “a false intention.” “We don’t care about everything, but we have more ideas for admiration”, said the porte-parole. “We will be able to learn more about the lessons we have.”

The information is kept secret three times

The report of the inquiry attributes to the “administrative duties” of the retards in the day of the Mass of Faith, who did not realize that he was three years after the press, giving the impression of the church.

Mais dans une note à la plus haute hierarchy de l’arée americaine, également publiée mardi, le ministre de la defense Lloyd Austin s’est öclaré “déçu” d’apprendre que des information aient so été silence passé. The ordinance of the chiefs of the American military commandments to assure that all operations were carried out on the victims of civilians fasted the promise of a single survey.

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