Disney + View from our catalog, on May 11, the first season of ‘How I met your fatherthe spin-off of How I Met Your Mother, and how he will visit, will be a series of absolutely no interest.

Yes Walker, Texas Ranger, Enchanted, Magnum, Dallas, McGiver, Gossip Girl, The Prince of Bel-Air and well done Quantum code – ont eu droit à leur reboot, il n’y a rien de surprenant à ce qu’une sitcom aussi populaire qu ‘How I met your mother se fasse aussi lifter. More excitement or excitement. Development began in 2013 when Greta Gerwig as director, HIMYF a priori all spin-off insipide sorti de nulle part que personne n’a visitu ou demandé.

Effective, il a fallu moins de deux épisodes – même si on a (courageusement) visionné les 10 – pour confirmer que la seri d’Isaac Aptaker et Elizabeth Berger n’a aucune sorte d’interétê, de près ou de loin.

Attention: spoilers!

“And about the future cancellation”


You will help, How I met your father ressert le même concept qu ‘How I met your mother, but with Sophie d’Hilary Duff in the new Ted Mosby. If the title is not suitable Deviner le decalque peu inspiré who cache derrière, the generic of overture who plays the theme of music is an indication of plus. Et si le doute persiste, le premier episode ser carément de pièce à conviction.

Enter the demand for mariage and the tour in a taxi with the original pilot, the gang of friends in a new New York frame, the QG bar, the comic tempo format, the pre-registered raises and the realization of a lot of basics – assured Pamela Freiman, the realist of the quasi-totality of episodes of ‘CHEMISTRY-, the series of exhaust and anachronistic deroutant.

Great contrast Pleasantvilleou aux influences de WandaVision, HIMYF see content from the singer tells narrative and visual codes from one sitcom given at the moment of the sort, without looking to play with, to transcend or comment. In the presence of the pontiffs obsolètes sans recul ni valeur ajoutée par soi-disant “paklon”, HIMYF It is the range of the ringed sitcoms, without identity or ambition. But it’s more pure on the foundation that forms.

How I met your father: photo, Hillary Duff, Tom Ainsley, Suraj Sharma“How about a reboot of Lizzie McGuire?”


HIMYF it is necessary to disagree with the fact that it is quite explicit in some parts of the price, in particular its casting plus inclusive of what the case is, but without more characterization.

Même s’ils sont moins border, the new characters are not the versions and creations of the previous casting : Sophie et Jesse sont des paumés romantiques comme Ted; Valentina is also a nymphomaniac like Barney and indifferent to Robin; Charlie is simply as simple as Marshall and coquettish as Barney; She is dear to Barney, but with the truth of Ted; Sid and Hannah are also amazed that Marshall and Lily … This new gallery of protagonists does not support the fact that she is not in this way (and in a row).

How I Met Your Father: PhotoA little of Barney par-ci, a little of Marshall par-là

CHEMISTRY take into account the dynamics of the group, the talent of distribution and your insolvency scenarios to win quickly to affect and retain public attention, more HIMYF n’a rien de comparable à offrir, hormis peut-être Christopher Lowell. The actor has a warm-up suit to take over the hypothermia (with a bonus of doubling French by Donald Reignoux). Authenticity, humor is too much sage and conventions, the comedies of the position are less powerful, the most famous are the most sentimental and existential and existential personalities are to die.

Other differences are the change of point of view in 2050, although this is Sophie who is in front of the camera. In addition to this, this nuance is not possible, it is possible to focus on this is a family that is not interested in all things interesting. Le plus dommage est que la trame est plus resserrée, avec une meilleure gestion du concept de base et moins de tergiversations pour une direction plus claire. Mais après 10 episodes, on se fiche pas mal de savoir comment Sophie va trouver l’homme de sa vie, ni même qui il est.

How I met your father: photo, Hillary Duff, France RaisaBad buzz


The only interest in the series, or the most important reason, is the treatment of problems plus contemporaries: presenting social networks, applications and YouTube applications. To write in your epoch in the beginning of your fashion look and your humor date, the series epile cultural references “in fashion”, Dua Lipa à Kim Kardashian and checkpoint with Timothy Shalame, as well as the contents of the mailing list “selfie”, “Uber”, “profile photo” or “unpacking” in the dialogues that are voiced.

At the end of the series, we don’t have to worry about the fact that it sucks. She is just a few of the generalities and banalities of treats with humor as a smartphone addiction, stalking a double tranche or Instagram mirages. All sophisticated Sophie may be outsiders who will be able to find the best of life on Tinder and you will be able to do so, the screens will not be able to live to see you again. Et ce n’est même pas un peu exagéré.

How I Met Your Father: Photo, Kobe SmoldersWhich makes a little more than the original series

Enfin, the fans of inconditionnels d ‘CHEMISTRY n’auront pas grand-chose à se mettre sous la dent à part une scéne racoleuse avec Cobie Smulders, le caméo du Capitaine qui passera sûrement au-dessus des spectateurs plus casenels. Sans oublier tous les wedge d’oil who is not the only one in this series who will not be able to justify the reason for the delay after the annulment of the 2013 project.

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