The act of making the return on the Croisette to the Future Crimes, the new David Cronenberg.

Omniprésente l’an dernier à Cannes, où elle était à l’affiche de trois films en competition (ne French dispatch. The French act and the defense not only Crimes of the future de David Cronenbergin official competition, but also A beautiful matinee by Mia Hansen-Løve, who was presented to the Quinzaine of Realizers.

A necessary figure of the Festival, the international star of the James Bond saga and Mission Impossible, Leo Seydou and the choice The Hollywood Reporter for One of the special numbers Cannes de la revue americaine. Program: the shooting mode does not combine a long portrait, as well as a comedic detail, which impatiently refuses to retreat the festival, if there is no absence: “Je n’ai jamais été aussi heureuse d’aller à Cannes“.

Seydoux and detail not only the love of the 7th art (“I have the feeling that this is the time to do a movie party, what this movie is to do for me“), his personality and his approach to the game.”When a person who is mysterious, in general, this is a simple addition. If you can’t talk, if you don’t want to go. Quand je joue, je retiens certaines choses. I think that the actor is not the only one who wants to, but he is also the guard“.

Elle balaie tous les sujets dans ce portrait, revenant sur la polemique de The life of AdelGolden Palm Tree in 2013, sa ‘plus a great experience“In Cannes, the son is an episode with Harvey Weinstein or the son in which the gods, in Paris, in the United States and in Senegal, as in solitaire of a fake character.

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She also affirmed herself as a flamboyant, ill-fated with her impressive CV, and she declared that she would continue to tour Europe and the United States, but she would not be able to act. “not the right one“and dove rester”constamment desirable“.”In France, he is more indulgent with women. I’m going to take the room out of the room».

Enfin, the article aborde bien sur Crimes of the future, which marks the first collaboration with David Cronenberg don’t c’est le premier long-metra depuis huit ans. This is the last, interroged by the THRLoue l’atrice qui incarne dans le film un surgeries operent en public un artist (Viggo Mortensen) dans un futur proche où l’être humain est able de modifier sa compose biologique et notamment de se metamorphoser.

Some actors choose, and that’s just specific“Explicit to the Canadian director.”For a movie like cellui-ci, you have an uninhabited actor, in a large sense of the term, and Leah amnene clairement cela à son personnage. “Frequent employee de Cronenberg, Mortensen se montre encore plus élogieux pour sa partenaire à l’écran.”Elle se moque des apparences, si c’etait bon pour le personage et bon pour David Elle y allait à fond. And the word that soit is his relations in all circumstances».

Look back at the THR portrait in its entirety par ici.

Crimes of the future Sort May 25 at the movies. Band announcement:

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