Vous avez envie d’investir dans un écran PC gamer curved? This type of screen with a futuristic design does not pass unnoticed and contains numerous advantages, it is time to offer this small jewel of technology for pleasure! At this moment, a reduction is displayed on the screen l’écran incurvé PC gamer VIEWSONIC VX3218, il passe de 269 € à 215.99 €.

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Les caractéristiques de l’écran curvedvé PC gamer VIEWSONIC VX3218

This Full HD screen is a small LCD with 32 curved portions with a cost of 1500R, which helps to improve the comfort of vision. C’est un appareil qui se démarque surtout grâce à sa dalle VA qui retranscrit de très bons contractes et des couleurs riches, ce qui est ideal pour le gaming. The refresh rate is 144 Hz in HDMI and up to 165 Hz in Display Port, the VIEWSONIC screen offers excellent fluidity to players who are looking for the best gaming experience. Vous serez au coeur de l’action, le temps de réponse est de seulement 1 ms. L’écran est compatible FreeSync for limiter au maximum les déchirures d’écran. At the connection level, the VIEWSONIC VX3218 is equipped with 2 HDMI ports, a Display Port with a mini-jack.

Brand VIEWSONIC, other words

Marque VIEWSONIC made its appearance in 1957, it is a company based in California. Quelques années plus tard, VIEWSONIC dedicates itself to the conception of a computer monitor to offer the best user experience in the pursuit of excellence. To ensure the quality of its products, the brand develops partnerships with large companies such as VMWare, Nokia and Microsoft. The reputation of VIEWSONIC has been built with the times, the brand manufactures LED monitors, video projectors, interactive screens… In 2010, the company designed the largest LCD monitor.

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