Investments for deputies are predominantly part of France. Cependant l’une d’elles fait plus de bruit que d’autres: celle de Jérôme Peyrat, dans la 4is circonscription of the Dordogne, by LREM. Why? The problem is double. It is not clear that this investment is avoided by the deputy Jacqueline Dubois – who will be eliminated in the first round of the 2017 Legislature Tour – but this condom is not limited to the violent conjunctions of 2017. Emanuel Macron.

Coup de théâtre mercredi May 18: Alors que Jacqueline Dubois announced the candidacy of a dissident, Stanislas Gerini, CEO of Anne Marche, reply to France A declaration that provoked a great one. The debate is explicit for my retrospective.

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Son Parcours Polique

Né en 1962, Jérôme Peyrat est maire de La Roque-Gageac depuis le 18 June 1995. Il est conseiller régional de Nouvelle-Aquitaine entre 2010 and 2015 et depuis juillet Côtém 2021 p. l’UMP, LR et désormais LREM.

The most popular guests in the communication and international services of the Paris, the Champs Elysées (opposite Jacques Chirac), and Michèle Alliot-Marie in RPR. He is one of the three general delegations of the UMP to his creation, in 2002. He is the author of Nicolas Sarkozy. Une fois ce dernier élu presiden, Jérôme Peyrat devient conseiller à la présidence. The walker has several beds.

Next to Natalie Kosciuszko-Mariset, the occupation, between 2017 and 2019, will be held in the Ministries of Ecology and Territories. Puis il retrouve au pôle politique d’Emanuel Macron.

In September 2020, Jerome Peira condemned marital violence.

Fin 2020, is the political adviser to the General Delegation of the LREM. The title of the list for the regional elections of June 2021 in Dordogne. In January 2021, the general delegation of the LREM delegation was prepared to prepare the regional and departmental elections of 2021, according to Stanislas Guerini.

On May 7, 2022, it was invested in the 4th circulation of the Dordogne.

Large size battu en Dordogne en 2017

Lors des Législatives 2017, Jérôme Peyrat presented for the Republic of the Republic of 4is circonscription of the Dordogne. Il est éliminé (11.87%) in the premiere tour of Emily Shalar (LFI, 13.21%) and Jacqueline Dubois (LREM, 30.92%). This is the second import round, with 56.20% of the vote.

Condemned in 2020

Jerome Peira was convicted on September 18, 2020 for marriage.

They will be released on December 30, 2019. In their car, at La Roque-Gageac, Jérôme Peyrat and his company will discuss the separation. The whole event is very high. Elle porte plainte. After the hospital exam, she will be able to distribute a total working capacity (ITT) of 14 days.

Parmi les traces relevées: une douleur au niveau de la mâchoire «avec limitation de l’ouverture de bouche», «un hematome de la face vestibulaire de la lèvre inférieure droite», un «hematome au niveaumetes de l’ouverture de bouche» au the level of the anterior part of the base of the cou », an ecchymosis and hematomas found on the braces, the epaule and the poignet, and« a stress syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder ».

In September 2020, the Angouleme Correctional Court paid 3,000 euros worth 3,000 euros. Jerome Peira did not make the appeal.

His son, he was “a dispute”. and declare in Southwest “I don’t want to be one of the most popular games” in the tribunes and on social issues. “Je conduisais, elle a arracé mes lunettes, j’ai essayé de la maîtriser, elle a reçu un coup au menton, je n’ai pas cherché à la frapper”, plaide-t-il dans Liberation. And he added that this is a condominium to his tour for the appeals of illicit telephonists and to interrupt the contact in contact with the child, his children and his parents.

Pourtant, like the rappelle Mediapartthe Correctional Court of Justice also chose in its judgment: «Description of the facts of Monsieur Peyrat […] relève de l’ajustement de reason ». Lors de son audition devant les gendarmes. It is not that in a second time, “one of the photos of the fact is that the interviewers presented this present”, which is “adapted to the version of other blood tests and relevant issues”.

La «granne reason du quinquennat»

Lors of the Presidential Campaign of 2017, Emanuel Macron announced the fair “the equality of women” the great reason for his succession. An administrative file reviewing the perpetrators of Conjugal violence has been called here. In November 2020, Emanuel Macron renounced the fact that, in addition to women, media people, “the essence is that you do not rest on your laurels. Nous ne lâcherons rien, je vous le promets ».

Difficile, alors, pour de nombreuses voie d’acceptter la candidature par la majorité d’un homme condamné. Very lively, Associations of Defense of Women and Politicians Eleven against this investment.

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A candidacy that is grounded in the Dordogne

On May 7, LREM diffused the official list of 263 candidates. Surprise: the deputy in place, Jacqueline Dubois (LREM), is not reinvesting. Le parti lui a preféré son ancien concurrent, Jérôme Peyrat. «For 25 years since Mr Peyrat, write the message in a communion. Just three times, I have a certificate of love for me. I really like the sentiment of the tragic word. In addition to surprises, it is affirmed and reaffirmed, and it doesn’t matter to me, who doesn’t want to be a candidate. “And the last” The new petitions of 2017 are even more important than conservative experiments. Les mêmes valeurs qu’il ya 5 ans, renouvellement de la vie politique, moralization de la vie publique, place et respect des femmes … »

On the other hand, Jérôme Peyrat decided to take care of the investment, but to accept the acceptance “on the demand of his party”. “Jacqueline Dubois leveled at me, she was a good soldier of Macronie. I want you to be a little more than that », ajoute-t-il.

May 15, the fissures are clear: the LREM de Terrasson and Sarlat committees -soit deux comités sur trois de la zirconscription- se désolidarisent. “Our disputing deputies are legitimate to be represented, the militants are most important to support their choice and to campaign in their countries, assuming the potential consistencies of their engagement. »

A sequel without etiquette? The sorting assortment, can announced on May 18 in the dissident candidacy : «Rien ne doit freiner le combat pour la place des femmes dans notre société. J’ai fait mienne cette phrase d’Elisabeth Borne Prime Minister. I am your candidate for re-election. Loyal, free, determined. »

Jerome Peira, Louis, continue the campaign without preter l’oreille à ce scandale qui s’amplifie. When to go?