The most famous event in 2017, the presidential majority, will be held at least a few years ago. She added not only the sorting, but also the new representative of the 14 candidates. Sarah Peillon is about to play the Jean-Louis Touraine flambé on the 3rd circus.

Sur la 6e, la plus disputée du Rhône avec la 2e (15 candidates), l’ex-LR Emmanuelle Haziza is an equal investment in the new banner Ensemble. The representative of the Horizon, the party of Edouard Philippe, will be battered against an old house, Jean-Eric Sende. The last one is presented as “free and independent candidate”.

Desidesences on the couch

If the NUPES present, there is a candidate for circumscription, but the candidates are dissidents. Don’t be three on the 2nd. Corresponding Deputy Hubert Julien-Laferrier makes the exact faces of Philippe Prieto (DVG), Adrienne Drioli (EELV) and Rafael Arno (DVG). This is the most important member of the Union to be popular in the victorious country, contrairement aux deux autres plus varozhyya.

The big winners of the 2012 legislators with many deputies, the Republic of Belarus will be able to refer to this year. Natalie Sir is vying for a second term in the 8th year, as well as Alexander Portier in the successor to Bernard Perrut in the 9th year. A total of 13 candidates for this investment, Réjane Cloupet, will invest in the autonomy, not being able to sign the 14th circus.

Affrontements to the extreme right

C’est d’alileurs du Côté de Vénissieux que postule Damien Monchau, seul conseiler municipal sous les couleurs du RN. Le extéreme-droite investit des candidats partout sauf du Côté de Saint-Genis-Laval (10e). Marine Le Pen is refusing Eric Zemmour’s main tender, as well as participating in the work of 14 candidates. The two politicians are expecting the Prime Minister of Rhodania in the National Assembly.