On behalf of the colleges in France, the eaves of the Beaujolais (mayors, delegations, county councilors, presidents of the communes of the communes) are on the agenda of the presidential parliaments. (1).

Rappelons-le, pretend to be on the line of the department for the presidential election, the candidates and candidates dovent d’abord recueillir 500 podpis d’elus (y compris des depetés et sénateurs). The objective of the démarche is to filter the candidacies to avoid those who are too many names and to avoid the fantastic candidacies. In other terms, sign for a candidate, this is the reason to consider a credible to be located in the Elysee.

After one of 2016, the paramilitary ensemble is public. For beautiful, enter the national level of the most popular people, the “fin” of the anonymity (who fails to direct, does not have the total result of a circulation of sorts) from the local and not only maires in this democratic exercise.

Dance …