After a week, the carburetor prices include new augmentation: 7.5 cents for SP95 E10, 5.7 cents for SP95, 7.4 cents for SP98, avec – 0.8 centimes.

Admittedly, it is not surprising that the French travail, the most beautiful who is the best, aspirant to certify the most useful cars, and to watch more. This is the result of a study commanded by Citrix (a company that offers hybrid IT solutions, which can also be used as a desk), realized by OnePoll, and published on May 17.

Ainsi, sur les 1 000 Français interrogés (6 500 respondents in all 10 countries), 43% declare qu’ils vont (ou aimeraient) télétravailler plus souvent, pour éviter les frais de carburant des deleco et lii de carburant su delé de de travail . Na rappelle ici que la distance moyenne entre les deux, selon les derniers ciffres publiés fin 2021, est de 13,3 km, et que selon la DARES (direction of animation and recommendations, studies et et 4 statistics),% of the most active acts car for all work.

The augmentation of the carburetor prices will directly affect the budget transport, and in the fine level of life. Add information to the USA that there are 57% of workers who declare that they are aired more.

Join Tracy Palmer, Human Resources and Citrix: “Collaborators are always on the verge of being in the least productive work from the bureau: the decision to go to work not plus you, but to make the promise of a comparison with the duconaison between the work and present. The augmentation of carburetor prices logically in the balance and the salaries are in demand, the time and energy dependencies in the depleting valence return to the country ».

To be beautiful, it’s not.

Do companies do it to compensate for the augmentation of energy and energy costs?

The revival study also accounts for 84% of French salaried employees who undertake business training for carburetors (domestic domicile bureaus) and / or energy (augmentation of losquelétravitla invoices so form), from an augmentation room , one special indemnity, or another one.

The United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, pay culture plus libéraux, this response is 65%, 68% and 74% respectively.

In effect, it is clear that the factors of energy, electricity, gas, or oil, are plus elevées for televisions, closed in the eternal period. However, only 16% of French people are interested in televised in this season for a reason for these reasons, which are the advantages of a flexible work, plus the strengths of financial financiers.

Other adventures of television: less world on the routes, less time lost in the bouquets for those who continue to take the car, and do not accrue productivity.

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