Lance in 2019, LUX is my day. Les evolutions careent la hybrid 250h, dont la motorization ne bouge pas, avec 184 ch. It is in revenge an ameliorous rigidity, with the point of supplementary justice or a backlash of the door in the rear plus rigidity.

The F Sport Executive version recommends maintenance of the Variable Adaptive Suspension (AVS) series and suspension “performance” bras. The brand also has a compliment plus dynamics. The control of the AVS to this ameliorate for “qu’il n’y ait pas de changement brusque dans le comportement du véhicule”. This new adjustment “reduce or vibrate at high and low frequencies”.

The F Sport offer is complete with a new F Sport Design finish, available at the Executive. She also wants to have a sporty look at a great price. Il ya par exemple des jantes 18 pouces, la calandre maillée avec motif en L, le becquet de toit noir …

Board, le changement important for l’offre multimédia. Only the versions, screenshots font 8 or 12 pounds, will be read before 10.3 pounds. The screens on this conductor cover, car ils deviennent tactiles. The practical paving tactile central for the commander is abandoned. Un range prend sa place.

A multimedia system is a promise plus speed. The navigation via the cloud, the series, does not have access to traffic information in real time. The system with a screen of 12 pouches has an integrated navigation, available with the connection to the cloud is not possible. Other important news: the arrival of a vocal command “Hey Lexus”.

Борд, il ya un nouveau cuir crème. For the exterior, it is a new feature of Gris Iridium. The assistance of the conduit is ameliorated, with the example of an emergency braking that functions in the intersections or an actuator of the actuator that includes a function of the reduction of the vitality in the brakes.

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