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Malgré les risques de représailles des Européens, le governement britannique a menacé mardi de légiférer dans les prochaines semaines pour revenir sur les controls post-Brexit qui ont plongé l’Irlande du Nord dans une crise politique. Irish diplomacy chef Simon Coweny, express the meaning of deep regrets quant à cette décision de Londres.

The British government, expressed on 17 May, has the intention to present the week to win a project modifying the “Northern Irish Protocol”. An initiative that will actually revolve around a part of the Brexit agreement and risk provoking a new crisis with the European Union.

In a declaration to Parliament, the head of British diplomacy, Liz Truss, indicated that the novelty facilitated the circulation of goods between Grande-Brittany and Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland and the attribute of Polish of the province in the province of the province.

“The right to decide on the decision of the British government”, announced Mardi the Irish Minister of Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney in a communiqué. “Unilateral actions by reporting on an internationally important agreement are trustworthy and do not serve to find more difficult solutions to solutions and real concerns” of the inhabitants of the province of the world in the world of the world.

The Nordic Protocol is a discourse between London and Brussels that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed in 2019 to finalize the agreement on the Royaume-Uni de l’Europeenneon variety.

Réveil de tensions politici en Irlande du Nord

This protocol provides for the establishment of foreign controls on certain transit grandees of Great Britain over Northern Ireland, which, as a result of Brexit, did not debug on the establishment of a Frontier of Physics today, UE.

However, the tensions that led to the introduction of perturbations in the Irish Nordic administration and revived the political tensions of the 1998 pact the rest of the United Kingdom.

Liz Truss assures other members of the House of Commons, who, according to the project, prepared for the government in the cause of the international lords of London, and that the negotiations are in full swing.

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L’UE a mis en garde à maintes reprises contre tutu remise en reason unilatérale du protocole et le vice-president of the European Commission, Maroš Sefcovic, chargé des négociations avec Londres, a jugé mardi qu’une téléve telle des “initiate jugé mardi qu’uneune telle des “et ne serait” pleasant “.

“In the United Kingdom, the decision of the Avant-garde with a project to suppress the constituent elements of the Protocol, as the announcement of the Aujourdhui (mardi) of the British government, is to be held at its disposal. “, – Marash Shefkovich reports in a communiqué.

Pressure of the Irish Unionists

The revision of the protocol drawn up by Liz Truss compiled notarially to create a regime of double destiny to be made in the sort of expeditions traded in the Irish of the Nord and destinations and rested not soient pas i connutiles.

“The project of suppressing the barriers of regulation for the fabricated British auctions in the Nordic countries in Ireland. “Nord” British diplomacy chef. “I will continue to guarantee that I will not be in front of the physical front of the island of Ireland.”

The presentation of this project responded to a statement by Boris Johnson, who declared that he was in charge of a “guarantee” that he would pay attention to the cause of some Brexit agreement due to the problem. .

All in recognizing that the Irish Protocol is posing challenges, a gateway to the oppositionist opposition to international issues, Stephen Dauci, to assess that the United Kingdom should work with calm and responsibility. “It is a difficult task that the Minister of Foreign Affairs will present a project of loyal visibility to the government, which will be given to the government to be able to support some people who will not be able to pay for it for a long time. “, at-il dit.

The results of the elections in Irlande du Nord, of the Catholic nationalists of Sinn Fein, contributed to a reunification of Ireland, which has reached the top of this magazine, for the first time in the historical press of Boris Johnson.

Le Parti unioniste démocrate (DUP), the main party, which is pro-British, a condition of participation in a government of partage du pouvoir, first of all in the accord of the Paix du Vendredi Saint, a modification of the Nordic protocol. His conductor, Jeffrey Donaldson, estimates that Liz Truss’s proposition is all that makes sense, but it is worth visiting to determine definitively that it translates into concrete and rapid measure. “We do not want more than the front in Ireland,” he said.

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