Macron is up 54% vs. 46% on Le Pen, selon and drilling

President Sortant Emanuel Macron l’emporterait au second round personality à Marine Le Pen, with a score of 54% vs. 46% for candidate RN, Selon un sondage BVA for RTL and Orange published for sale. The president sorted all the way to a point of adherence to the rival, by reporting on the sounding realized by the institute of a week plus all, before the first tour.

According to the survey, in the new days of the second tour, the “participation participation” envisages a percentage of 73%, which is a very high level next to the first tour (73.7%). D’après BVA, Emanuel Macron, having succeeded in the “bigger report” by voice, noticed voters shaking convoys of Jean-Luc Melanchon (LFI) (30%) and Marine Le Pen (18%).