17:02: Nantes, the permanence of EELV taguée and visee par des jets de projectiles

Permanence d’Europe Ecologie les Verts (EELV) à Nantes has been degraded by project projects and tagged with the motto. “These actions are very plausible, but it was the election of the first electoral tour of the presidential tour. They are more than condamnable, ”said EELV Pays de la Loire.

The motto is “trait” to this tray of blue paint on the front door of the permanent window. The showcase to this endorsement and endorsement is accredited to an electoral office. A smear of masquerade mask for the candidate, Yannick Jadot. Le parti a depoté plainte contre X.

16:37: Marine Le Pen gained “experience” in the second round

Maryn Le Pen, who is in the second campaign of the second tour, is waiting for his QG “experience” of the one who will be with him, he will be “very useful”.

“I would like to see you again with the name of the obstacle that we have to surrender to return to the result of it, which will prove that we do not have to lose confidence, but we can say that it is a reason for prevention.” extremely right, who is in the third presidential campaign.

We have experienced all the obstacles to our convictions and thanks also to our experience

Marine Le Pen

16:03: LR says “no vote” at Le Pen, without appealing to voter Macron

The conductors of the Republican Republic are even closer to taking into account a position commune in the view of the second tour: report by LR President Christian Jacob.

15:55: Les plus jeunes ont voté surtout Mélanchon, les retraités Macron

Plus to the level (34.8% to 36%) of 18 and 24 years before the election of Jean-Luc Melanchane, Prime Minister, Emanuel Macron (21-24.3%) and Marine Le Pen (18%) , indicative of the realized sociological analyzes by the Harris Interactive Institute for CNews and Europe 1 and by Ipop for TF1 / LCI / ParisMatch / SudRadio.

Otherwise, Emanuel Macron arrived for 65 years and older, with 37.5% and 39% of the vote, loin devant la Candidate du Rassemblement National, autour de 18%, et de la France insoumise (11.3). % -13%). At the age of 50-64, the presiding president is among 25% and 28.1%, respectively, with the candidate RN (26% -27%), before the Insoumis (18.2% -21%) . While Marine Le Pen arrived at 24% -30% under 25-34, to Jean-Luc Melenchon (27.8% -30%), under 35-49 and under 28, 8% -29% .

15:38: Marine Le Pen and surprise at Iona

Marine Le Pen, who realized the score of the most important issue of the premier tour of a presidential, asked to ask the free lifetime champ. She announced a surprise surprise in Yonne this mid-midnight with the theme “power and inflation, consistencies in agriculture”.

In the program, a meeting with an agricultural farmer from Thorigny-sur-Oreuse. Candidate RN, who has the image of a radical radical immigration program, has the power to defend the priority of the campaign, but also the radical sails of radical adversary of the extreme right Eric Zemmour .

15:31: Pour “convaincre”, Macron will come to the “completion” of the son of the project

Emanuel Macron, decided that “convaincre” will not vote for Louis, that is, “enrich” and “complete” the son of the project, or rather, if you want to discuss with the participation of leaders in the party program. to water for you.

“I do not want to be able to do anything like this, I have sent the message of those who are extremely worried about the extremes, and I am trying to find out what you want for Mme Le Pen. I know that people vote for me to do barrage. I want to meet you soon to be able to complete my project », at-il dit, comme un main tendue aux otres partis, y compris les Insoumis.

The project can be very easy to do or go

Emanuel Macron, in Denain (North)

15:30: Welcome to the first consecration of the premier journal of the 2022 presidential election tours.