French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his readiness to initiate a dialogue on the role of nuclear weapons within a unified European defense framework.

“I am prepared to kickstart this discussion, encompassing anti-missile defense, long-range capabilities, and the presence of nuclear weapons for nations possessing them or hosting American nuclear armaments,” Macron stated in an interview with the regional press group EBRA.

“Let’s lay all the cards on the table and assess what truly ensures our security in a reliable manner,” he emphasized.

While affirming France’s unique defense posture, Macron indicated a willingness to increase contributions to Europe’s defense.

Following the departure of Britain from the European Union, France stands as the sole nuclear-armed nation within the bloc.

In a separate statement, Macron warned of Europe’s vulnerability and urged for reinforced European defenses in the face of threats such as Russian aggression. He stressed the need for reduced reliance on the United States and highlighted challenges posed by Russia’s actions in Ukraine, as well as concerns regarding trade practices of both the United States and China.

Emphasizing the urgency of the situation, Macron cautioned that Europe is currently ill-equipped to face evolving global challenges, including the potential proliferation of nuclear weapons by Iran.

He reiterated the importance of Europe’s strategic autonomy and underscored the necessity for a robust European defense posture independent of external influences.

Macron called for a fundamental shift in Europe’s approach, advocating for a Europe that is self-sufficient in energy and security, rather than being dependent on Moscow and Washington.

He stressed that European security hinges on preventing Russian aggression from succeeding in Ukraine and emphasized the imperative for Europe to chart its own course, free from subservience to the United States.