Emanuel Macron foresaw that he was the lord of the presidency of the Avril, to make the legal decision of the 65-year-old department, which will be followed by Les Échos.

The journal, which cites “the sources of concordances and processes of the dossier”, specifies that the rhythm of privilege is limited to four supplements for each generation, so new to the transfer.

If the reform is in progress in 2023, she will be in 2032, she will write Les Echos.

The presidential candidate will not be able to volunteer that the French “work more” than the rappelé in the letter of candidacy for the last time a candidate is nominated, who will work for us and pour on the lai and others. production ”.

«The work of women»

However, the legal department of the department of the rest of the subject of the discussion and it is not possible to fix the cursor. “These are the works of women. The program will be presented in advance, ”said the director of the company.

Your adversaries are up front

Your adversaries will not be able to respond. Jean-Luc Melanchon (LFI) and Philippe Putou (NPA) proposed 60 years ago. Marine Le Pen (RN) accuses Emanuel Macron of incompetence. With you, it’s all over the sacrificial people. Moi, j’assume de permettre à ceux qui ont commencé tôt de partir tôt à la retraite ».

From Son Côté, Valérie Pécresse (LR) said: «Et d’ajouter:« How do you trust Macron-candidate to get traffic that Macron-President doesn’t have to do with his quinquennium? »