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The military in the power of Mali affirmed to be in the evening, in the night of 11 and 12 May, a tentative of the state of the world less than the minor officers and souvenirs of the “Western state”. The measures of safeguards, with the control point of the front guards and the gates of the capital, are in place.

In Burkina Faso: the chances of retrieving the lives of the miners blocked by a month in the mine of Percoa s’amenuisent. In addition to this retreat in this refuge room, the search continues. After the incident, there was no radio contact on the doorstep with the coin miners in the galleries.

Enfine us ironically at the meeting of Khaby Lame, a young Senegalese of 22 years old who is grand in Italy and is a great celebrity in the social network Tik Tok. It registers videos that post on the Internet, the content of which is one of the most important influences in the world, with more than 138 million subscriptions. Natalia Mendoza, not corresponding in Italy, we are in the middle.

Chef: Celia Carasen

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