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Ancient Member of the National Marion of Maréchal was appointed to support Eric Zemmour during a meeting of the candidate for the right to Toulon.

Marine Le Pen’s niece, Marion Marechal, announced on March 6 that she had spoken out with extreme polemicist Eric Zemmour in the presidential election, lors du meeting du Candidat Reconquête! in Toulon, in the south of France.

“I have the certainty that political recomposition and adversity is possible, but the cross of new victory is possible”, and the chain of antique deputies of the Front National (according to the National Assembly) of Vaucluse, the 32nd year.

Marion Marechall and Fusty Emanuel Macron, who is the “president of the division”, who “is obliged to train and vaccinate between vaccinations and non-vaccinations” and “to seek the will of many races with this ideology of ‘wake'”.

A “tour” for the campaign of Eric Zemmour?

The entourage of Eric Zemmour is waiting to make a “turn” for the rest of the campaign, after a complicated sequence on the conflict in Ukraine and a lot in the polls.

“The riots, which are part of the recitation of one of the campaigns, may not be the only way to make the voices,” said Frédéric Dabi, of Ifop.

Marion Mareshal, a former deputy, is retiring from life policy after the Marine Le Pen event of the 2017 presidency to fund a “school” of political science in Lyon. With the objective of being a “cultural and metapolitical” combat advancement “electoral or partisan”.

In addition to the fact that Marine Le Pen is a serious public affairs and economics, Marion Marshall can confirm his opinion in Figaro and confirm her “pencher pour Éric Zemmour” malgré “un sujet familial” avec sa tante.

Le petite fille de Jean-Marie Le Pen avait aussi fait part de sa volonté de revenir dans la vie politique, visant visiblement les legislatives, peut-être à nouveau dans le Vaucluse.

Марыён Марешаль, qui souhaite garder son autonomie, rlie Éric Zemmour, mais ne rejoint pas pour autant son parti, Reconquête!

“Bouée de sauvetage”

Quatre MEPs RN, dont un membere member of the party, Nicolas Bay, ainsi que l’unique sénateur que comptait le Rassemblement national, Stéphane Ravier, ont rejoint ces dernières semaines la campagne d’Eric Zemmour. Ces deux derniers sont ideologiquement proches de Marion Maréchal.

Samedi, Marine Le Pen a ironicaé sur le ralliement de sa niche, une “bouée de sauvetage” de la campagne d’Eric Zemmour qui est “en train de s’effondrer”.

Candidate in RN is given in the second round of the last polls, plus points ahead of rival.

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