For 50 years, BMW Motorsport has been offering a great cadeau with a special M4! Meeting with the M4 CSL, a track and field derivative of the M4 Competition and more light alloy.

The sports department of BMW Motorsport has this year with five years of experience, Avec de nombreuses surprises: commémoratif inédit logo, BMW XM integrative concept and V8 hybrid with 750 ch battery, déclinaison break M3 Touring for the premiere Fois de son histoire… Parmi les jolies surprises in the program, in M3 you can change everything together: CSL.

Ces trois Lettres, naur Coupe Sport Lightweight (coupé sport léger), avaient disparu avec la M3 E46 CSL, proizvljajut uniqueny sur l’année 2003. Le Badge CSL revient donc en force après l’utilization des CS, GTS et autres. BMW M is trusted in the tradition of all-purpose models, little The M4 is remanufactured and weighs 100 kg on the balance sheet for a BMW M4 Competition. The M4 CSL has an effect of 1625 kg on sight, thanks to the number of seats in the interior as the exterior.

Fixed laser laser

The car body benefits from exemplary aile and front doors made of aluminum, which is the rest of the body. Some elements are present in carbon as the hood or toit. These are the most important elements of carbon and red color, synonymous with sportsmanship. This idea is a surprise on the badges M4 CSL specific (calender, belt, ailes, suitcases …), and is associated with three body colors: the classics Alpinweiss (white) and Saphirschwartz (black) and ut uf Brooklyn Metallic (a fine blue matte).

La M4 CSL is different Integrated LED lights on the Laser versions, in a rappel aux BMW M current in the GT3 category. The calender is retractable, with great haricots plus overs on the M4 Classic Competition. The car is a special house made of 19 pounds in advance and 20 pounds in the rear. For Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R special concussion for the CSL team of the German team. At the end, the sports coupe has a diffuser in titanium lasting 3.3 kg. The other four outings. La malle en carbone (- 6.7 kg) will receive a spoiler “bec de canard” and respect for the M3 E46 CSL. Enfin, the fabulous laser laser replaces the classic projectors, with a beautiful effect of 3D griffin shapes.

And just the superflu

On board, the M4 CSL is a banquette arriving, repaired with space and ranger two course covers with a filet. Whole weight 21 kg. The two seats are in front of them, fitted with carbon baquet (- 24 kg) specific regulation for the Concessionaire Conductor. The elements of comfort are reduced: the air conditioning in which series zone (bi zone en option), the audio system is plus simple (by Harman Kardon) and the comfort conflict is optional. The aides to the conduit are plus the basics, at least in accord with the differentiation regulations, all of which are worth a lot of money.

Техника Côté, the chassis is 8 mm wide, it is the direction and the suspensions are tested. The coupe, single propulsion, has a single adaptive suspension series. Sous le capot en carbone se cache the six-cylinder essence 3.0 biturbo that the other BMW M. Néanmoins, it is easy to smoke with 550 ch (+ 40 ch). The pair is identical to the M4 Competition with 650 Nm, and the transmission has 8 automatic transmissions. The performances are superior to the M4 propulsion cells with 3.8 s (+ 0.1 s) more than one of the best bonnets that can be integrated into the xDrive integrated transmission (3.4 s). Quantity at the point of departure, it is electronically limited to 307 km / h, which is what BMW has to do with more rapid production.

Seulement 1000 samples

The premiere of the M4 CSL World Cup in the competition of elegance of the Villa d’Este, in Italy. The debut of production interviews in 2022 in the anniversary of Dingolfing (Malania) with 1,000 producers. The French price is not for this moment, but it is worth more than the price of € 165,000 from Outre-Rhin.

Photo: BMW.

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