BMW and Mercedes are transparent at the moment of the restyling of the compact, the Series 1 for the first and the Class A for the second. If these models are in good condition, they will be able to move on the stairs. On a tour of the role, the representatives of these brands do not indicate that the renewal of these vehicles is in the discussion.

Parmi les invoice raisons, un point commun lié au contexte aktuel: l’electrification a à marche forcée des gammes. An Autocar source is a sample indicating that the current use base for the BMW family of companies does not really adapt to electrification. The constructors are designed to be the norm of Euro 7, but the contours are precisely the font to visit, the name of all cars with a thermal engine for rechargeable hybrids.

The polluters will be able to use new antipollution devices as well as additional ones, which will increase the profitability of thermal models. D’ailleurs, cet aspect a déjà poussé de nombreuses marques géneralisttes à quitter le segment des petites voitures thermiques. BMW and Mercedes dont have a reason to be light, light in the range of compacts. For the rappel, Audi has confirmed that the A1 and Q2 seront classes are without suite.

Profitability, this is well beyond other elements is important. Mercedes avoit savoir que sa prioritte n’etait plus le volume, mais la marge. La Crise des semi-conducteurs l’a déjà poussé à réduire la voilure sur le marché des compacts for privilege les plus gros model. BMW is the only one that has a compact market that is not in the world. S’il is important chez nous, il ne l’est pas aux États-Unis. Quant à la Chine, elle veut des berlines. La Serie 1 telle qu’on la connaît est donc trop européenne.

BMW and Mercedes do not want to be able to make a difference in the segment. However, it is possible to avoid evolving or anticipating the transition from electricity to electricity. Doing money in thermal compounds, it is an economizer of argent, argent necessary to invest in electric futures.

A new generation of EQA, on an electric base, will be able to build the new Mercedes of Acces. Chez BMW, on metrait plutôt en avant la famille des Mini, has 100% electricity in 2030.

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