In Europe, Mercedes is 100% electric by 2030. But what will happen to AMG? And well, they are always 100% electric! To give an avant-garde of its futures sporting branches, the brand will be able to return to the concept of AMG Vision.

The constructor has confirmed that the model of the electric series of all AMG series will be launched in 2025. The answer will be given to some of the new plate-shaped novelties for this type of motorization in development courses at the company. On the other hand, they are dedicated to AMG.

The Vision AMG takes the form of a coupe with four doors and four seats in the silhouette of a very well-developed aerodynamic, which is not without the role of the Vision EQXX concept, thought of a record autonomy. As the choice of design models on an electric base, the experience is long. The vehicle has a monolithic aspect of reforced paints.

The rehabilitation of this concept is made by the lien with the monoplace in Formula 1. On retrouve par exemple des liseres de la couleur du sponsor Petronas. At the forefront, the AMG Vision is one of the original luminous signatures that represent the brand name. Il ya toujours une bouche avec les barrettes verticales, mais cette grille est pleine.

Mercedes does not have a great choice on technical equipment, it is just a motor vehicle with axial flux, a technology that has electric motors plus compactors, plus alloys and more power. In all manner, at the mark, the Vision is an aspect of the avant-garde, he is still in the series.

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