Microsoft goes to the Xbox gamepad to turn on Windows to turn on the launcher and the Xbox center coin button (or via Win + G). The company brings profit to a new version of “insiders” for Windows 11 to create a “controller panel”. The agit of a new view of the Xbox Game Bar, which adds to the addition of all the games you have recently launched, is also with all of you launchers (Steam, Xbox, Gog, etc.)

With this mise in the day, this is a list of discs that can be found on the top button of the Xbox manette button, which means you can’t play it. The traditional menu, regrouping of various functions of the game panel (monitoring of resources, Xbox contacts, recordings on the screen …) continues in the device.

In practice, this function is free of very fast access to your Windows access games, without the use of sour or clavier.

Discover also in video:

For the benefit of this new function, enter the test stage, the failure to record the member insider and download the latest version for Windows 11, suggested by download for some time. But this is not all: download this download Xbox Insider Information Hub in the Microsoft Store, asset Windows Gaming Preview in the menu Preview You can help, get to the Microsoft Store, have the latest version of the Xbox Game Bar app.

Source : Microsoft

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