The Grand Prix of Russia in Formula 1, canceled suite for the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, is not repaired. The 2022 season is about 22 manches.

Formula 1 to decide on do not remplace the Grand Prix of Russia. Annulé plus tôt dans l’année suite à l’invasion de l’Ukraine, aucune course ne se disputetera à sa place. The 2022 calendar of the new category of sports car cars in sequence will be completed on 22 occasions, and not on the 23rd.

On the 25th of February, the F1 instances will be in effect annul the Russian test. This is the first time August 23, September 25. She should be in the union between the end of the European tour à Monza (September 9 – 11) and others the debut of the Tournée in Asiain Singapore (September 30 – October 2).

The Impact budget ceiling

Conscience directly from this course to mine, the budget ceiling is off. Fixed to 142.4 million euros for the season in the course, to pass to 141.2 million. What I can’t do is pay attention to the number of trips that don’t attract me. En revanche, pour Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes on encore, cela peut requireer quelques adjustments.

The pilots and teams aurontly equal to the chance of rattlesnakes or cruising the earth on the ground. Mais c’est aussi un week-end de moin de travail pour les membres des equipes, dont la grogne se fait regulièrement entendre. Mission strategies on the beach at the beginning of the summer be confusedin a certain measure.

The financial aspect to the first?

The rest of this decision is remarkable. En effet, plus la F1 organize courses, plus elle génère des revenus. The decision not to pass the Grand Prix of Russia is to prove that it fails The financial aspect of this, this time, is not in the background.

In effect, in 2020 and in 2021, some people are waiting for the benefit exchange rate on the organization’s tariffs. In the context of the Covid, the avait permis à de nombreux circuits de se positionner et de venir garnir un calendrier leger. На песня ainsi à Portimão, ou au Mugello.

Or, this season, the F1 who has retired his public and a loaded calendar, is not you are the laxist on the questions of argent. This is explained by the fact that the name of the circuit does not apply to the organization of a course.

The most beautiful as the Asian Tournament, organizer of a course in Europe is not possible, for logistics reasons. The Qatar state is a candidate, before the renewal, the name of the problem for heater for the public. Singapore enjoys a time organizer of a day coursebut she didn’t go home.

There is no doubt that this week will be decided by the Grand Prix of Spain in Barcelona. Rappelons egalement que le GP de France ne bouge pas, lui. F1 rouleront in the Hexagon August 22 July 24 !!

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