The Karnataka State Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) has released the results of this year’s High School Certificate (SSLC) or 10th grade exam. According to the announced results, this year the pass rate is 85.63 percent, and 145 children received 100 percent. This year, the girls also performed better than the boys. This year 90.29% of girls passed the exams and 81.30% passed the exams.

Updates of SSLC Karnataka Live Stream 2022

Students who took the SSLC exams from March 28 to April 11 will be able to see their results on the official website Meanwhile, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education B.K. Nagesh also published a list of merits on May 19. This year, out of a total of 8,534,436 students who took the exams, 7,330,881 received promotions.

Karnataka SSLC 2022 result: pass percentage

Overall, 71.8 percent of the Karnataka Council’s SSLC students passed in 2020. In 2019, the total delivery rate was 73.7 percent. Students must receive a minimum of 35 percent to take the 2022 SSLC Grade 1022 exam. They must receive minimum passing marks in all individual disciplines.

Karnataka SSLC Toppers 2020

The board published a list of merits in 2020, and six students took first place with 625 points, namely –

Sanniti Mahabaleshwara Hegde,

Chirayu, Nihilesh Murali,

Dhiraj Reddy,

Anush and


Toppers 10th grade Karnataka 2019

Top rated name Percentage

1 September D 100%

1 Nagandali 100%

2 Bhavana United States 99.84%

2 Bhavana R 99.84%

2 Siram C 99.84%

2 Harshit C 99.84%

2 Sinchana Lakshmi 99.84%

2 Kripa KR 99.84%

2 Anupama Interest 99.84%

2 Chinmai 99.84%

2 Progats M 99.84%

2 Abhin B 99.84%

The result of Karnataka SSLC 2022: a list of the best of recent years

The results of last year’s SSLC exams were published in August. 99.9% of students passed the exam in 10th grade, and only one student did not pass the exam because she showed up for the exam at the wrong center. Because the Karnataka State Council did not publish a list of merits, there were no top scorers on the SSLC exam last year. According to KSEEB, 625 out of 625 received 157 students, 623 points – 289, 622 – 43.

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