Emmanuel Macron is expressed in France Bleu, mardi, in the land of the death of the independent militant Yvan Colonna, condominium to perpetuate the death of the prefect Erignac. An affair that revived the tensions on the island of Beauty after the aggression of the child of the race in Arles, in three weeks, by a prison jihadist. As a result, the candidate was nominated for a meeting on appeal “in calm and responsiveness” in Corsica.

«On ne peut pas laisser dans nos prisons de tels gestes être commis»

«Un homme est mort, c’est une situation grave, un rapport à été demandé, et des conséquences en seront tirées car on ne peut pas laisser dans nos prisons de tels gestes être commis», Martelé le chef de l’Etat, qui to be able to “be very vigilant” to make it possible to restore the tension that provoked the death of a militant.

«The work of the appeal that the Minister of the Interior had to do this, to the demand of the Prime Minister and my wife, and the messages of appeals in the wake of this unfortunate situation and to make it happen» , assured Emanuel Macron, guards the “responsibility of responsibility” of the corsets. All in all, a pension for the family of the defunct, he also has a motto to support the family of the prefect Erignac “assassination”.

The most important thing is that the calm is the main thing, that the discussions are pouring.

The president, who is in the micro of France Bleu, will be able to talk about the campaign, and all of them will insist on volunteering “what will happen, what will be discussed”. Let’s assume, “this is a spirit of calm and responsibility.”

In Corse, the hour is in order

In Corsa, the hour of recourse to death, to the landlord of the death of the militant independent Yvan Colonna, with “Glory to Yvan” who is on the flowers of the walls, on the fund of appeals “in the calm” to avoid a novelty flambée of color in the island.

Advantage of the Cathedral of Ajaccio, bougies and drapes of the Mauret’s head on this stage is located at night on the marches.