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Among the three people on this day are the lords of one of the attacks in Greece, the city of central Israel, the land of Magen David Adom, the equivalent of Israel in the Croix Rouge. This attack, the sixth of March 22, is the day of the anniversary of the independence of the Hebrew State.

My three people have been here since May 5, one of the lords of one of the attacks in Greece, in the center of Israel, the last attack on the date of the visit of the Hebrew State who celebrated the 74this Anniversary of the creation of the Hebrew calendar.

Selon la Magen David Adom, the equivalent of the Israelites of the Croix-Rouge, four other persons on this blessed, dont deux grièvement, dans cette attaque survenue dans la ville d’Elad, qui compte unviron de habitants doifux00 -православные.

In communication, the police do not have any precision in the identity of the assassins and the attackers.

On the other hand, the attack that did not take place, the police and the quadrilled soldiers of Greece, and a photographer of the AFP, said that the Israeli media suggest that the mortals were.

“La Scène de l’attaque était complexe”, selon le secouriste israélien Alon Ryzkan, de la MDA, qui dit avoir vu un homme âgé de 40 ans mort près d’un rond-point, puis un autre homme inconscient adja dans un parc , dont le décès a finalement été prononcé, et un autre à ses côtés qui a succombé à ses blessures.

Expressed on the Channel 12 television station, the mayor’s office is in demand and the population will be confronted with the operation of security forces.

Accrochages fin Avril sur l’esplanade des Mosquées

The Hamas and the Islamic Palestinian Jihad are “celebrities” and a “heroic” attack, qualifying for a “reaction” to the tension in Jerusalem.

“This operation is aimed at the color of our people as well as attacks on the occupation against the world’s saints”, a declaration on the attack of Greece, the port of Hamas Hazem Qassem.

“The Al-Aqsa Mosque Prize does not have much to say,” said the Islamist movement, which controls the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave of 2.3 million Israelis under the Israeli bloc.

“Profanation by the occupying forces (given by the police and the Israeli army by the Palestinians) and the bands of colonies in Al-Aqsa to the French all over the world,” said Muhammad Hamid Abu Al-Hasan, du Bureau. Polique Du Jihad Islamique.

Plus all Jews, new accolades on the basis of Israeli police and Palestinians on the Mosquitoes of Jerusalem, or fidelles juifs on recommencé à se rendre en norainu malgréles vie c.

Dix-huit morts depuis le 22 mars

The attack on Survey Jews is the sixth anti-Israeli attack on March 22. Ces attacks, dont certaines ont été perpétrées par des Arabes israeliens et d’autres par des Palestiniens, ont fait 18 morts au total en incluant ceux de jeudi soir à Elad.

In the aftermath of the first attacks, the Israeli forces have a series of operations in Cisjordan. In total, among the 26 Palestinians, don’t des saillants, onté tués.

Dans ce contexte, des heurts entre policiers israeliens et des Palestiniens ont fait, depuis mi-avril près de 300 blessés palestiniens sur et autour de l’esplanade des Mosquées à Jerusalem-Est, sector palestinien de o la Ville Isra et.

Avec AFP and Reuters

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