You can pay more attention to emissions directly from Netflix. It’s all about what you want to know Deadline to which the video form has been confirmed to be confirmed by a new offer of exclusive diffuse content to live.

Pour a new vertical, do not allow the development of a series à un stade très précoce, Netflix to dissipate “non-scenario” emissions and the potential of glasses such as “stand-up”, as well as for the second decollete. Netflix in order to make a profit This news diffusion offer for the promotion of other types of content, notation of sports reports, in the image of Amazon Prime Video, which can provide notices of diffusion rights in the Liguelançant. Live content diffusion, Netflix is ​​waiting for you to be able to recruit new users and, for some reason, reconstruct the course of deserters.

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Car au cours des derniers mois, le service a vu son nombre d’abonnés chuter pour la premier fois depuis dix ans. Netflix, which attributes a part of this subscription to the account, multiplies the initiatives to be able to face the lack of money. It is, for example, augmented to increase the prices of subscriptions in all subscriptions, imagined a solution for making payments plus subscriptions that are part of the account, and envisages the possibility of creating a subscription plus a subscription to public finance.

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