Le jour J approche: dans une semaine, nous pourrons enfin découvrir les trois premiers épisodes de season 4 de Strange things . For our patient, we want to Netflix realizes the first few minutes your first episode of the season!

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The aura of the patient after three years, after the end of season 3, to discover the suite of the adventures of Eleven, Will, Hopper, Max and the company in the quatrain and adventure season of Strange things. Alors que Premiere episodes of Debarkeront on May 27, 2022, soit dans une semaine jour pour jour, l’impatience des fans est de plus en plus patchuvalna, surtout after the premiers of criticism!

Hopefully for us, Netflix has decided not to torture us long and hard, we are always trying to find new images. But this time, there is a promotional poster or a new trailer to put on your teeth. No, aujourd’hui, this is a sequence that is devoid of exclusivity: the first few minutes of season 4!

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If you don’t want to watch this video, you can save the surprise for the last week, you can’t pass the lines that live! On retrouve donc dans la paisible (en apparence) ville d’Hawkins, dans a pleasant atmosphere, very good child. However, the season with the announcement is partly open and that the other Duffer brothers are able to plow quickly in the ambience, les choses ne tardent pas à se gâter.

On the suit donc le “papa” d’Eleven (ou “Onze”, pour les francophones), qui se rend à son travail, at least the experience of children in the laboratory of the city, given to the heart of previous seasons. This time I don’t have the incarnate character of Millie Bobby Brown who wants to have a new girl in addition to the capacity of individual mental capacities. But the head of the celluloid head with Dr. Martin Brenner did not last long, but the last one was – literally – going to the door. Na en vous en dira pas plus et on vou laisse découvrir tout ça ci-dessus, si un peu de sang ne vous fait pas peur.

Premiere of the party 4 seasons Strange things Debarker on Netflix on May 27, 2022 and the second party arrived on the first day.

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