This is a start in 1934 with 7 resumes, this is Traction. With the monocoque bodywork and its front wheels, it is a Citroën conference with the image of an avant-garde builder. Mind, sincere methods of bathroom solutions and applications on behalf of designers.

More revolutionary? En fait, comme nous l’avons vu voici quelques semaines, Lancia a, le premier, produit en grande seri de voitures monocoques, à commencer par la Lambda, en 1922. Celle-ci poussait très loin la motree modernizurà avec cames en tête ( Citroën technology has not been sold since 1970).

The innovations of Lambda are reprises of the quasi-universal trend (to commence with the Traction) and modification and profoundness of the fashion that does not produce the voyages. Car une revolution, c’est ça: une advancée majeure qui remet en question la façon dont on considere les choses et entraîne des modifications profondes.

Or, the Traction does not seem to be close to the competition of Citroën to change the way it is made. D’ailleurs, le Double Chevron lui-même n’est revenu à la structure monocoque qu’en 1970!

She did not have this first car series in front of motorcycles: the Cord L-29 (1929), the DKW F1 (1931) and the Audi Front (1932), not only the latest one. Without being published in the 1927 Treaty, it is more or less a good product. Cela dit, la Traction is the first to combine … traction and monocoque in a large series.

The 2CV? I have topo. Aussi brilliant fut-elle, cette petite auto, apparue en 1948, n’a inspiré, et encore de loin, qu’un seul rival de Citroën: Renault, avec la 4L. This door recycle plus the spirit of the 2CV qu’autre chose, car technology, she did not do anything. C’est plutôt la création de Billancourt qui a été copiée par à peu près par tout le monde, du moins un de ses éléments: le circuit de refroidissement scellé.

Là, je vais m’en prendre à une voiture que j’adore. You fascinate me. Et dont j’ai toujours envie de m’offrir un exemplaire: la DS, lancee en 1955. Pendant hydropneumatic, freins Assistés hydrauliquement comme la direction and change of interconnection, carrosserie aétrependynamique rose …

She is looking forward to the news / report on the route, but not all of them are up to date. Ses freins avant à disques, qu’elle a inauguras en en grande serie (même si une nez razumalaya mini-voitura america, la Crossley Hotshot, en disposait déjà la fin des années 40) ont fait école.

On the occasion of the retreat of the elements of the suspension on the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from 1965 and at the Mercedes in 1975 (450 SEL 6.9). But it’s too late.

The bodywork of the DS, in the Streamline movement, this netting inspired by the 1953 Studebaker Champion, but not the children too long for…

It also uses the revolutionary qualifier for the 1970 GS. But the bodywork assembly is based on the Pininfarina Berlin Aerodynamics concept 1100 of 1968. The GS, a self-trailing precision trailer, does not inspire the CX. The competition, at the end, is preferred to have the best habits.

Why do Citroën solutions not survive these? Some of them are too complex to produce, they can be rented. They also have the value of a rocket builder by Peugeot after having more than the total banknotes.

L'Autobianchi Primula on the grounds of modern compacts in 1964, with a transverse motor, can be used to prolong the vilebrequin and son hayon.
L’Autobianchi Primula on the grounds of modern compacts in 1964, with a transverse motor, can be used to prolong the vilebrequin and son hayon.

Dante Giacosa, director of Fiat studies, studied hydropneumatic suspension. The conclusion that the price of the revue is unacceptable. Car Giacosa raisonnait beaucoup en thermes de coûts, pour offrir au client des models modernis mais aussi fiables et abordables.

He really wanted a revolutionary car, because he was inspired by all the competition: Autobianchi Primula. In effect, the inauguration of a principle included in the vigor in the quasi-totality of current tractions: the transverse refridge motor by the water of the vilebrequin duquel is fixed by the boating wheel. A simple solution, with little use, good market and good, to be reflected in the world since 1947. On the other hand, with its hayon and recyclable banquet, the Primula is the basis of modern compacts. 1964! La Simca 1100 reprises these ideas in 1967.

In 1969, the Fiat 128 refined the formula associated with McPherson’s jamb avant and a tree in his head. Huge success, this is the inspiration for VW Golf! 53 ans plus tard, сын ансамбль техники équipe la totalité des autos thermiques des segments B et C (c’est dire aussi le conformisme de l’industrie automobile).

Maia Giacosa n’aurait was authorized to develop this car without the mini of 1959, for which he discovered the Fiat conductors in the subject of traction. First of all, the power of a transversal engine refreshed by water, English is a jalon absolute in the production of auto cars with architecture at school, but it is also technically very complex.

The Tesla Model S has revolutionized the auto industry in the form of an electric Berlin, which is not currently usable for a long time, but also very attractive to drive.
The Tesla Model S has revolutionized the auto industry in the form of an electric Berlin, which is not currently usable for a long time, but also very attractive to drive.

The revolutionary cars, they are also in the United States. La Ford T de 1907 par exemple, joue un role crucial dans l’Histoire. Why? By the method of fabrication, in a very large series, which drastically abuts the production costs, at the point of making the car a current object. Incredible avant elle!

Lastly, this is the Tesla Model S which is completely changed by the car industry. It is dismantled by an electric Berlin without any utilization, thanks to its autonomous autonomy, but also ultra-high performance and very conductive.

The point is that the importance of electrification of cars by contracting legitimacy, in addition to ringing and dominating the commercial thermal references of their segment. Peut-be the most important revolution in the history of automobiles after the Ford T.

Toujours aux USA, la Jeep Wagoneer, en 1962, a montré qu’un 4×4 pouvait offrir suffisamment de comfort, de luxe et de performances pour être utilisé de façon turistique. The SUV is not here! Aujourd’hui, the clientele is not just pracking that these vehicles are going on.

And Citroën? Maliciously, the brand is totally entrenched in the rank of technology but more, but it does not retain absolutely any of its innovative innovations, and it is not a sad marketing inspiration …

Night route - No, Citroën is no longer a product of revolutionary cars!

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