Tremblay – ALL Jura Basket

That’s 20 hours

All the good things are fine. Samedi, c’est la “der” au GES pour Arthur Vuillemey et ses partenaires. After more than a month of competition, Lédoniens is ready to play a day in public. The supporters got together with their victories and one of them. Car cette saison, le terrain jurassien demeure une forteresse quasi inrenable. All the frames are also the main arms, the other ones. Il n’y a que le petit Poucet, Massy qui est venu perturber la maison rouge et blanche (69-71).

Two young men in the group

“We have a lot of good things to do. We have an agreement. All other matches, we have a beautiful image, we will say that this will continue. He doesn’t want to finish on a fake note. I don’t think it’s the last match in the house, it’s not the only thing you can do. It’s important to set up a lot of visage …

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