An episode written by the press and a party of fans, Final Fantasy XV Vient de vevenir l’un des episodes les plus vendus de la saga.

Saga Final Fantasy, it’s less than 164 million games selling to the world after the antidiluvia Final Fantasy sorted in 1987. With more than 15 episodes of the main computer, he also spoke about the tons of suites, remakes and spin-offs, the series of highlights and bass. After the great work of the Super Nes period, and the chefs of the PlayStation 1, the series began with a review of more than one of the critics, a phenomenon of disorientation of the part of the party in the disappearance of fans’ années et le very critical Final Fantasy 13.

The private house Final Fantasy XIV mis à part, Square Enix a voulu redonner un coup de jeune à la saga avec Final Fantasy XV but to find the right to attract the fans and the press, who is unlocked the lack of charisma of your heroes, émos têtes à claques aux vistalas neveradnaga, et un monde aussi vaste que peu interesting. Sort in 2016 on PS4 and on PC, consider the titles to be condamné aux limbes videooludiques. saturated, FF15 to leave in public, and to be able to pass a cap of money, to the pantheon of games plus the sale of the saga.

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À mi-chemin entre GTA et K-2000 and mode émo

Via the official account of Final Fantasy XVSquare Enix a donc d’annoncé que cet opus magnum vient de franchir la barre des 10 million d’unités ecoulées: “The necessary Final Fantasy XV announcer provides 10 million associations worldwide! Thanks for all your help! Keep up the good work with FF15! “.

Impressive score, which propulse FF15 to the third rank of the stamped games Final Fantasy les plus vendus, derrière le diptyque Final Fantasy X et al X-2with 15.97 million associations and only in the cult world Final Fantasy VII and is 12.6 million de vent. FF15 devance of a man FF8which has found 9.6 million of water.

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The Bordéliques fights

A great deal of serious criticism of human qualities, the commercial success of FFXV n’a rien d’étonnant. In 2017, Square Enix received a press release the title is rented in the freshness of the first day of exploitation. Thanks to the fans. On my own, I have a school of 6 million copies, which I have done the game Final Fantasy the most rapid sale of all the history of the saga. The last commercial point will open in 2019, Square will open the announcement FF15 avait trouvé 8.9 million d’acheteurs.

Good health santa de FF15 the end of the day plus the surprises of the choir de Square Enix careant l’entretien et le suivi au long cours du jeu. In three DLC stories dedicated to Aranea, Lunafreya and Noctis, previous initiatives are canceled. Only the supplement of the reserve is reserved in Ardyn. This annulment is due to a change in the strategic orientation of Square Enix, which is preferred to affect the living forces of Luminous Productions (developing FF15) à d’autres projets triple A, not sure Spoken.

Forspoken: photoФorpoken, l’avenir de Luminous Productions

Quantity of the future Final Fantasy XVIthe project is trusted by Creative Business Unit III, the team is dedicated to Naoki Yoshida and in charge of development and service. Final Fantasy XIV: The Revival of the Kingdom. Le titre devrait signer the return to the sources of the sagawith a fantastic medieval university, one of the mythologies of the West.

This is a new episode that advertises Air de Voile to reconcile with fans of the game in a modern, futuristic tour, a prize after the PlayStation 2. FF16 this is a visitor to the PlayStation 5 from 2022 or the debut of 2023 (dans le meilleur des cas),

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