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Les États-Unis et la Russie se so rejetés, jeudi à l’ONU, la responsabilité des problèmes d’approvisionnement alimentaire liés à la guerre en Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine have accounted for 30% of the food supply of the planet. Follow our direct meeting on the 20th of May.

  • 1 h 51: United States and Russia retains responsibility for aggravation of food security

The United States and Russia are judging the UN’s responsibility for the aggravation of food security in the world, the Washington appellant Moscou to consider the export exports of the insurance industry. Monde, Washington appellant Moscow to carry out the exports of cereals in the portals of the portals of the block.

“Arrest to block the ports of the Black Sea! Authorize the free circulation of ships, trains and trucks transporting the hours of Ukraine,” said the head of American diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, Lionsré d’ionune du Conseil the security of the UN organized by the United States.

Dedicated to a volunteer accident “to make the chapeau in Russia for all the problems of the world”, the Russian ambassador to the ONU, Vassily Nebenzia to stay in the block of the west.

  • 0 h 36: the UE envisages the use of active acts of the Russian oligarchs to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine

The European Union (UE) has studied the possibility of using the activities of the Russian oligarchs to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war, which has been declared by the President of the Commission (European Commission). The CE proposed a measure to finance 9 billion euros of financial resources from the US budget to cover the basins of Kyiv in June.

“Nos avocats travaillent intensément pour trouver de possibles moyens d’utiliser les avoirs gelés des oligarques pour reconstruire l’Ukraine. Je pense que la Russie devrait aussi faire une uklad”, at-elle dit à la chaemandeevision de allemand. Ursula von der Leyen declared that she was favorable to the couple’s reconstruction of the long term of Ukraine with the necessary reforms to adhere to the United States.

  • 0 h 20: cinq pays occidentaux soutiennent l’action de l’Ukraine pour juger les Crimes de Guerre

Responsible for the justice of the cinq pays occidentaux, formant l’alliance dite des “Five Eyes”, ont annoncé jeudi soutenir l’action judiciary de l’Ukraine visant à juger les crimes de guerre liés à l’in.

The Ministries of Justice and General Prosecutors of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand will be able to communicate in a communion “General” of the General Prosecutor’s Office Irina Venedikta to make accounts of those responsible for “war crimes committed against the Russian invasion”.

L’Ukraine has opened the ranks of war crimes officers in Kiev. “We support the queue of justice of Ukraine and through other international inquiries, not only the International Criminal Court” and other instances, declared in the communal communal law.

  • 0 h 09: селон Зяленскага, the Danbass is “completely détruit”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that Russian troops have announced the “completion of the detruit” of the Donbass region before he pays, and has accused Russia of making meaningless bombings.

The President of Ukraine said that the forces of the Russians were tenacious about the fact that the Ukrainians were able to provoke the lords of hell, the rector of the accusation of the Lesquelles of Russia commemorating a “genocide”. Vladimir Zielensky announced that the Ukrainian soldiers continued to liberate the Kharkiv region, and that Russia had to exercise pressure on the Danbass.

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