Le Conseil d’administration d’Orange, qui s’est réuni hier, a élu Jacques Aschenbroich, 68, president of the Conseil d’administration du Groupe. I confirmed Christel Heidemann, 47, became CEO and Ramon Fernandez.

The president of the Orange Souffler in the 68th bougie is 3 juin prochain. And the orange statutes confront the 70-year-old limit. The statutes that have been modified for the purpose of honoring a term of office. A maneuver that provokes an empowerment between actions and unions.

Jacques Aschenbroch is the President of the Orange Administrative Board and the President of the Valea Administrative Board. Apparatus, CEO of Valeo de Mars Group 2009 as of February 2016, CEO of CEO in 2022.

“The policy of reunion 2022 on this vote by 50.55%”

The President of the General Assembly, preceded by the General Assembly of the Presidency by Stéphane Richard, is also interested in the reunion of new conductors.

The policy of remuneration in 2022 is not 50.55% of this vote. à s’abstenir “indique aussi Orange par communiqué.

Christel Heydemann’s fixed price (€ 900,000) is between € 50,000 and a target for his predecessor, his ceiling of variable reversal plus the most important to pay for the global payout of global Stéphaneu en Richard, a Stéphaneu en Richarde, a Stéphaneu en Richardve 25 million euros per year. And she touches a retreat-chapeau dont n’aura without benefiting from the PDG.

Alors que le conseil d’administration d’Orange souhaitait accorder à Stéphane Richard une indemnité exceptionalnelle de depart de 475 000 evro brut au titre de l’année 2022 – soit environ quatre mois de salaire – le dirigeant soit final irigeant département la pression of one share party.

“In the face of the actions of certain actors who consider that this attribution is not in line with the principles that should be applied to the reunion of social mandates and that this modality is due to the fact that there is an expectation of delay , indicated by Mardi in the direction of Orange in a press release.

Condomné à l’automne for complicé de détournement de fonds publics dans le cadre d’un volet de l’affaire Tapie, le dirièant avait dü renoncer à se représenter une nouvelle fois à la tête de l’operate accept, tütér accepter d ‘ ‘we have the time to find successors.

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