France welcomes the publication of the “Report on conversions of international humanitarian law and human rights, war crimes and crimes against humanity related to forced transfer and/or deportation of Ukrainian children to the Russia”, prepared by independent experts Veronika Bilkova, Cecily Hellestveit and Elina Steinerte, staff of the Moscow Mechanism of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), revoked on 30 March 2023, par. 45. France.

France a pris connaissance avec une vive préoccupation des conclusions de ce rapport, qui confirme qu’ “un grand nombre d’enfants ukrainiens ont été déplaced du territoire ukrainien vers les territoires temporairement occupé ou le territoire russe depuis le 24 fevrier 2022 ou même avant cette date “, pratique qualifique de crimes de guerre et ” pouvant constituer un crime contre l’humanité de déportation ou transfert forcé de population “. The conclusions of this report are in addition to grave violations of human rights, including the deportations of children, documented by the Commission d’enquête internationale et indépendante des Nations unies sur l’Ukraine.

We appeal to Russia to respect its obligations and international cooperation, and to implement without delay the recommendations of the report, immediately ceasing the practices of forced transfer or deportation of Ukrainian children to temporarily occupied territories in Russia. Russia must take all measures necessary to allow the return to Ukraine and their family or their legal guardians, children transferred by force or deported.

France is resolutely committed to the sides of Ukraine, its partners and national and international jurisdictions, including the International Criminal Court, which issued two arrest warrants for the deportation and transfer of Ukrainian children, to fight contre l’impunité des auteurs de ces actes. The conclusions of the report will feed the ongoing investigations in order to establish formally the responsibilities concerning allegations of forced transfer and/or deportation of Ukrainian children.

France reiterates its firm condemnation of the war of aggression waged by Russia against Ukraine.