Oxford University Press India (OUP) is collaborating with BIC Cello for its fourth edition of Summer School, an online initiative that encourages children to read and use summer vacations to learn and have fun.

As part of the OUP Summer School initiative, launch three competitions that will include a reading and drawing competition; writing competition; and a general knowledge competition. The Writers ’Competition will encourage children to create their own endings for popular children’s stories, while the Read and Draw competition will give children the opportunity to develop their imagination and creativity when they create their own version of a story or character. The “General Knowledge” competition encourages children to take an interest in the world around them and develop a global outlook.

Through exciting activities, each of these competitions will encourage participants to think creatively and develop a passion for reading and writing. The competition will be open to participants from all over India.

“At OUP, we strive to encourage children to develop a love of reading and acquire life skills that will keep them strong through any career or life choices made later in life. Reading and writing always complement each other. Therefore, given the overall synergy with BIC Cello, we believe that this partnership will help both brands achieve our broader mission to empower future generations with a true love of reading and writing, ”said Sumanta Dutta, MD, Oxford University Press India .

The company claims that the latest edition of the Summer School included creative activities such as making dolls and drawing cartoons, and has grown 2.5 times over the previous one. This year, with its interesting team of authors, exciting events and competitions, the Summer School seeks to further expand its reach and growth.

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