The incompetent MEPs, the real institutes, and a young man in the gallery, this is a detonating cocktail of this comedy for free online.

Alors que season 2 de parliament arrive sur France.TVla cinquième chaîne rediffusera ce soir sa première partie, initialement mise en ligne en april 2020. Nous republions ci-dessous notre critique de cette serie très réussie.

The Creator of parliament is a fan of Veep. And that’s it. Noah Debre and his co-authors, who have been or not in the heart of the European Parliament, have signed a comedy and rehearsal comedy at the Brussels Institute of Education.

A satire who reckoned with the appointment of a young parliamentary assistant, who came to work in the service of a French MEP, was completely dismissed by the events. In addition to the lobbyists and the politicians of all poles, the new venu is retrospectively embarrassed in a mission impossible: to make an amendment to the Commission, to protect the requisites in the Atlantic …

parliament go on a tour of force: we will go to Europe. The imbobable function of the institutes is a mockery of complacency in this farce that does not have the power to play the grind of humor, to be able to use the gas that is in the minds of European institutes. The series does not want to pass, in the passage, to pass the European deputies for the incomparable arrivals here, in a university of technocrats – not all – are the guardians of the temple. Sans bouder son pleisir, on rigole devant la peur panique de Michel, qui ne sait pas – et ne veut surtout pas savoir – kamentar fonctionne l’Europe. Strongly, he ironically devours the betrayal of the British deputy, pro-Brexit, who does not have the conscience of what he does and who resolves the dilemmas of the Irish at the suggestion of the Abandonner … the Irish of the North!

Oh, parliament it is drill, ringing, but also attacking, thanks to a gallery of improbable people, venus des quatre coins du Continent. Xavier Lacaille (I recommend it in Valide on Canal Plus), and the rest of the casting, parviennent à donner du corps et une âme à l’absurdité brute des embrouilles saugrenues qui font la vie de la Européenne Commission. Very nice, it is easy to get into the game of manicings and quiproquos. A binge-watching parfait, the author of which 10 episodes (of 25 minutes) are available free of charge and in the integrity of the site France.TV.

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