Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, attended the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on 22 December 2022.

This meeting was the occasion to make the point on the situation on the ground and on the support given to Ukraine, while Russia pursues its brutal strategy of strikes against the Ukrainian civil infrastructures, with a massive salvo against the ensemble du pays le 16 décembre et des attaques de drons contre Kiev le 18 décembre. The importance of reinforcing military support, particularly in the area of ​​anti-aircraft defense, was emphasized by the ministers.

The minister thanked the members of the G7 for their participation in the conference “Solidaires avec le peuple ukrainien” held in Paris on December 13, 2022, which allowed the mobilization of more than one billion euros in emergency aid and strengthen international aid coordination. The ministers congratulated France for organizing this conference and agreed on the importance of maintaining support for Ukraine, in all domains, as long as it will be needed.

Regarding the reconstruction of Ukraine, the minister expressed her support for the implementation of the donor coordination platform proposed by the German G7 presidency, in close association with relevant international organizations and international financial institutions, to organize effectiveness of international efforts.

G7 ministers welcome President Zelenski’s “10-point peace plan” which proposes to counter a just and lasting peace. They stressed that the responsibility for pursuing hostilities lies with Russia, which continues its military aggression against Ukraine.

Les ministres ont enfin condamné avec la plus grande force la décision choquante des Talibans d’interdire aux femmes l’accès à l’université et résine que ces persécutions liéantes au genre potrouint constituer des crimes contre l’humanité.

The minister sent her congratulations to Germany and her counterpart Annalena Baerbock for the presidency of the G7 and expressed wishes of success for the presidency of Japan and her counterpart Yoshimasa Hayashi in 2023.