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Doublement penalized for the Grand Prix of Miami, Spain in the end of the points, at the 11th place.

Fernando Alonso on the board said a penalty of five seconds to have the acclaimed Alpha Tauri of Pierre Gasly, lords of the Grand Prix of Miami. Jugé fautif de cet incident, il a reconnu son erreur et s’est excusé auprès du pilote Français. For the reason of this penalty, he took the course to the new place of placement.

Faster plus two hours after the course, the Alpine pilot will receive a second penalty of 5 seconds, to have a chicane in the third sector. A penalty that can be spent on two days, two weeks plus.

This is wrong, we are the ones who are really wrong, this is the incompetence of the commissioners. Ils not pass these three professions in Miami, I have a turn and I have to make all the time in the tour, but when you get a turn, you see the gain in the sector.

I continue:

If we decide to decide without prejudice, we will bring the questions after the course with the time that we have to do more than we can do in the hall, we will be in the train of remballer. We only need five minutes, but we can’t take the penalty. It’s really bad.

The Spanish profit in order to get a little money at the new course director Niels Wittich before the Spanish Grand Prix:

You have experience and knowledge ahead of the course director. Over the weekend, your new course director and his (Eduardo Freitas) plus experience. When he doesn’t know the course of the course, it’s difficult to speak.

This story is not too late. Fernando Alonso’s criticisms of the commissioners are not transmitted to the commissioners. A warning or a sanction can be envisaged.

In short:

Two weeks after two penalties of 5 seconds, the result of the Grand Prix of Miami, Fernando Alonso is revenge for the charge of those decisions that he was not afraid to finish in points. L’Espagnol at the end of the points, at the 11th place.

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